Friday, January 22, 2010

Week #3 Perfect 10 Goals Update

Week #3 for My Goals for the First 10 Weeks of 2010

I'm following Steve's Perfect 10 Challenge, which is a 10 week challenge to make progress on 10 goals. The guidelines include updating every Friday on how you're doing. Here are my goals and my status.
  1. Plan out my weekly menu in advance and preferably use it to grocery shop (weekly menu comes from new Eating Well Diet cookbook or site, SparkPeople, Weight Watchers, or other healthy meals); meals should equal ~1500 calories a day
    • How I did: Had another week where I planned well, but busy nights kept us from following through on 2 nights. 
  2. Use one weekend day (or an weekday evening night) to cook ahead--soups for lunches, veggies for the week, and perhaps 1 dinner entree.
    • How I did: Did not cook ahead this week.

  3.  Plan 2 nights a week where dinner is easy--like hummus & veggies, a vegggie burger or other quick sandwich
    • How I did: Did much better on this, this week. Thursday night, for instance, I had to punt because Hubby & I both worked late. But I sat down with the turkey & crackers and some grape tomatoes and salad dressing and some low-fat cheese and calculated what I could have and the calories before I took a single bite. Yay!
  4. Pack my lunches most days and eat the lunch I packed.
    • How I did: Success! Packed every day. And ate what I had--even when faced with 2 free lunches in meetings! Woot! Woot!
  5. Get up 4-6 days a week with Hubby to swim at the gym, and keep increasing the intensity each week. [Modified week 2 to be get up to do cardio--but not necessarily swim]
    • How I did: On Monday during our weekend away in Nashville we rose early, did cardio & swam before left to drive the 4 hours home. Tues. we didn't get up early--but we did have 7:30 PM strength training session with Trainer Ray, followed by 30 minutes of cardio, Weds. we got up early and did 30 minutes of cardio, Thurs. we got up for a 6:30 AM training session with Ray (no time for cardio); Fri. no time for gym, but worked out at home. Winning!
  6. Learn the breast stroke.
    • How I did: Less practice on this this week--only Monday. But I plan to go to the pool on Sat. & Sun.
  7. Work out with Hubby & trainer two times a week
    • How I did: FANTASTIC! See above. Plus trainer Ray offered us a 3rd session each week at 1/2 price --will start next week.
  8. Ride the recumbant bike at least 2x a week and increase time at least every two weeks
    • How I did: I rode the bike on Monday (can't remember the time now, but at least 10 min and maybe 12), Tuesday evening for 30 minutes, Weds. AM for 10.
  9. Start going to church with Hubby and actively look for friends
    • How I did: Didn't go to church on Sunday because we were out of town
  10. Make a point to be aware of and challenge negative thinking
    • How I did: See post day before yesterday
Another Thrilling Secret About Me
I'm a big hugger and toucher in general. Every year at work we have to go to those anti-harrassment training meetings and I follow it up by telling the people who report to me that if I touch or hug them and they don't like it to please tell me! I pat arms, legs, shoulders, whatever is close. . .I put my arm around people. I hug for celebration and to comfort. And I squeeze, rub, and hold on--no tent hugs (heads together butts apart) or one armed pat-pats for me!


  1. I am a total hugger too! I love hugs! Have you ever seen the Free Hugs campaign on YouTube? I love watching them!

  2. I was reading back about you learning breaststroke. Have you tried using the noodle under you armpits to teach yourself the shortened little swoop quick shoot forward the pull should be??? sorry swimming on the brain.

  3. Excellent job on the goals Sandy. You had a good week. I love hugs, hugs are good for the soul and I give them at work all the time. The guys weren't sure at first now they come to me for them. I greet all my friends that way. Heart to Heart.

  4. I am not a big hugger, but I usually don't mind receiving them. Does that make any sense at all? You did good this week, especially being out of town.

  5. HOORAY! Good Job!

  6. All the Time

    All the time I thought
    There's only me
    Crazy in a way
    That no one else could be
    I would have given everything I own
    If someone would have said you're not alone

    All the time I thought
    That I was wrong
    Wanting to be me, but needing to belong
    If I had just believed in all I had
    If someone would have said you're not so bad

    Barry Manilow


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