Thursday, January 28, 2010

This Morning I JOGGED!!!!

This morning at the gym with Trainer Ray, we were doing some light weight sets and then Ray had us walk around this indoor basketball court. It was me and Hubby and a woman who is joining us--I'll call her A.M.

We'd do a set of of say 15 bicep curls and then walk a loop around the gym. We do 3 sets, so I think we'd walked about 4 times. Then Ray said, Ok, now "Jog." We all 3 just looked at him, and nearly simultaneously we all offered a reason we couldn't. . . (mine involved fear that I'd leave a trail. . . I'll let you fill in the details)

He just shook his hand and made a circular motion with his finger. So off we went.

I led.

And I stayed in the lead.

I wasn't moving fast, but it was more than a walk. And I kept it up.

For the next round too. Nothing bad happened.

Then we went back to walking.

It was the first time I've jogged since crying for the train to wait for me in Boston.

It was amazing.

I came into work and told my boss (and the person who was sitting in his office because I just couldn't contain my excitement.). They told me I should pin a sign on myself: "Today I jogged."

I don't think they get it. But they could see I was enthusiastic. It's a monumental day.


  1. Yay! I haven't jogged in YEARS!!!! I think if I did I would tell even the grocery clerk.


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