Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Training Session #2 With Ray

Yesterday AM Hubby & I did our morning swim. We were less than inspired. . . but we went, we swam, we succeeded!

Last night, I had a belated holiday dinner with my team. We went to one of the best restaurants in Atlanta. It was a 4-course dinner: appetizer (I had foie gras), entree (I had lamb chops with roasted root vegetables), cheese plate (I had stilton with poached pears), and dessert (I had orange souffle). Clearly, I decded not to worry about my choices. (Though I didn't add to it by drinking alcohol.) Instead, I had an on-track breakfast and lunch and even snack. I did come home feeling pretty full, but I have to say I slept great!

Today I had a good food day and barely had time to eat dinner before our 2nd training session with Ray. I ate some sliced turkey breast and crackers and a bit of peanut butter. . . less than I had available on my count. So we'll just see how it works out this week on the scale.

At the gym tonight (night is not our first choice for the gym, but we're still working out our schedule), we worked hard. I started with leg presses, up the stairs, then hamstring curls on the machine, leg raises on the machines, up the stairs,shoulder presses on the machine (these were really hard), left & right dead lifts with a 6 lb ball, rows on the machine, and the upright ab machine (more weight tonight was hard), and the stairs again. I think Hubby may have done and extra machine and I'm sure he did more stairs but I don't care, my legs were noodles!

I was pretty tired after that, but we weren't done. We still had 20 minutes of cardio. I did 10 minutes on the elliptical and 10 minutes on the recumbant bike. I'm proud. . .though I'm sure I will be sore tomorrow! I can already feel it in my hamstrings especially.


  1. Inspired or not, at least you swam! Good for you!

  2. My hamstrings are very weak. I always thought they were strong but now I know better. I have learned so much about my body in the last year. Those hamstring curls you mention would cause charlie horses in the back of my legs - it really hurts.

    You sound like you had a great workout!! Keep it up.

  3. Swimming is good, lamp chops are better. Is it any wonder I have an issue with my weight?

    Have a wonderful day!


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