Sunday, January 3, 2010

A for Enthusiasm

Hubby and I went swimming again today at the gym and he officially joined (making our membership family instead of single). So while we were talking with the head of the trainers about getting our fitness assessment (It's all about assessing you so they can sell you a training package.), I found myself getting all enthusiastic about the prospect of working with a trainer again. There I sat verbalizing what I'd been thinking--things are settling down for me, we've been here 2 years now, I have good help at work, (I've got my depression under control--I didn't say that), so it seems like a good time to get healthier and focus on getting fit again. I sat there thinking, I could probably come home from work and meet with a trainer about 8 PM. . .

Of course all this enthusiastic thought was before we went swimming--we went much later today--about 4PM (good for us, though, because Hubby let me sleep this AM and we set the goal of going at 4 instead of leaving it open ended--"sometime this afternoon. . ."--and we did it!) and then I came home and made up a grocery list, then went to the store, stopping for gas on the way home. I checked the time in the car because it felt like the middle of the night! It was 7:35. . .I felt beat. My earlier enthusiasm started to get shaky. . .

I ate some rotisserie chicken and some leftover roasted rutabegas, carrots, & parsnips for dinner and had plans to cook ahead some brussel sprouts but man, I'm bushed. It's now 9:45.

Well, we meet with the guy for the assessment on Weds. so there is time to think this through . . . I don't have to make an immediate decision.

Tomorrow is our first day going to the pool before work. I need to go fold the clothes on the bed and decide what I'm going to wear to work so I can be ready to get up and go. I feel about 85% confident in myself. . .but Hubby should be reliable--thank goodness!

A few other good things about the day:
  • I took advantage of a sale at Catherines and got a few casual tops and an outfit for work. I would really love to be able to say goodbye to Catherines. I can't fit in 3x in most stores right now, except there because theirs runs large.
  • I discovered I got the Eating Well Diet Cookbook (along with 3 others) for Christmas. I like their magazine alot. The cookbook has a lot of weight loss info in the front and some good looking recipes. It turns out there is a lot of info on their site too and recipes (many from the cookbook).
  • I talked for an hour and half this AM with my friend Lynn from Boston. It was a really great chat. She is really good at self-care--something my PhD tells me I need to get better at. . . I wish we talked more often. She leads a charmed life--travels a ton. Last year she went to Iceland and Berlin. She'll spend the month of Feb in Hawaii. I like to travel vicariously through her and get tips on managing money! I think I may stick my neck out and see if she will set a phone date with me once a week--we did that years ago. The worst that can happen is that she'll reject me, but if I don't try, I'll never know.


  1. I love, love, love working out with my husband. For me, I think that is the key to a long, supportive relationship. I can't imagine not doing it together. After all, we got chubby together! It'll be just as much fun to get a little less chubby together!

    You are on your way! Congratulations!

    Warmest Regards,

    Denise Burks

    PS I am a huge fan of water aerobics!

  2. I'm amazed at how quickly time passes by when errands and tasks have to be accounted for. Couple that with it being dark out so early, and you feel like your day is over before the regular workday is through.


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