Friday, January 1, 2010

Twenty Ten Rhymes With Gym

Ok, according to my know-it-all poet husband, it's a SLANT rhyme. (Or off rhyme) Whateva. . or as I said to him recently by mistake but then decided it was a phrase worth keeping--shut eva. . (blending shut up and whatever for you still suffering hangovers).

I've been on vacation all week, and on Monday, Tuesday, and Weds. Hubby and I got up together and went to the gym. I figure based on all the times I used that gym in the last year, each visit only cost me a couple hundred dollars (well, perhaps less since they let Hubby in for free). We went swimming. I lead us in some water aerobic type warm ups for about 15 minutes each day, then we did 15 minutes of swimming--getting across the length of the pool however we could, then we dipped in the hot tub.We didn't go Thursday because the cleaners come that AM and we didn't go today, but we are going tomorrow.

So our warm ups look like this:
  1. Jogging in place with arms bent at elbows, palms down when pressing down and palms up when pressing up. Do this facing forward for a count of 15, then turn quarter turns & repeat. Do the circuit twice.
  2. Kick up with legs using arms like scissors, same count and same quarter turns.
  3. Jog forward and back for about 1/4 length of pool (not too shallow, not too deep) or in circles to create currents
  4. Do crab walks about 1/2 length of pool, 2x
  5. Use noodles to work out arms--15 up and down at side, 15 out from the side and back, 15 forward, 15  back, 15 across--switch arms.
  6. Hold noodle in front, raise knees and twist like a washing machine.
  7. Hold noodle down in water and kick behind (I wear my Zoomers) to end of pool.
  8. Sit on noodle (like riding a horse), use jog kick and breast stroke to get to other end of pool.
  9. Do freestyle stroke to end of pool.
  10. Do back/frog kick back.
  11. Side stroke up.
  12. Side stroke other side back.
  13. Freestyle up
  14. Backstroke back.
  15. Backstroke up.
  16. Freestyle back.
  17. Another set up and back with some combo
The first day I felt every move, was even a little sore (so was hubby). But I felt energized and positive. The second day, I felt less energized, more reservedly positive, but also less sore. But I used my goggles and that really helped, mostly because it kept my hair out of my face when I took breaths. The third day, I felt great. Energized, positive, and not sore. I made hubby sore by adding in new arm moves. The third day I had to wear a bandaid on my left big toe where the Zoomer had rubbed.

My plan is to go to the pool before work. I'm just hoping it's as quiet in the pool as it has been. There's room for 4 swim lanes. Usually 2 are set up as lanes and the other 2 are open for classes. Hubby and I use the fat 2 unlaned lanes and so far we've only ever had one other swimmer in there with us part of the time and maybe one person in the hot tub.

I can tell that if I get to the point to have enough cardio endurance to do sustained laps that it has the potential to feel good--meditative and belly flattening all at the same time. .  .


  1. There you are! Happy new year, Sandy, and here's hoping we see more (and less) of you in 2010.

  2. That's terrific. I think those will be very effective warm ups. Good luck with your plan.

    Happy New Year!

  3. You're back! So good to see you again! I've missed you. "Ten" rhymes with "gym" just depends on where you're from :) Wishing you an awesome 2010. L

  4. Way to go Meme and Grandpa!


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