Thursday, January 21, 2010

Feeling Stronger Everyday

I've had a couple of good days since my last bipolar post. I saw my PhD on Weds and he gave me some great confidence boosting re all the terrific changes since the first of the year. And I also shared with him thoughts from some of you about setting and proclaiming weight loss goals in a certain time period--esp. a note I got from popular, hilarous blogger Jack Sh*t who said: "Thinking of it as 100 lbs in a year is simply too much for the mind to grasp. Honestly, Sandy, I never once thought I had a chance in hell to lose anywhere close to 100 lbs. I just kept trying to string two and then three days together." And we kind of agreed together the 100 lb goal thing/8.3 pounds a month is just not motivating me. It's making me lulu. Letting go of that one.

Also, I stopped taking Hoodia. I only took it for a few days, not quite a week, I think. And I think it was making me retain water and making me constipated. Anyhow I felt not like usual and that was the most notable new thing. I feel better since I stopped it. Want it? I'll mail it to you.

And, we've had a few good workouts. Good ol' Ray our trainer has upped our cardio to 30 minutes instead of 20. The first day I did all 30 on the recumbant bike because I was grumpy and annoyed. But it was good because it was the first sustained, one machine workout I'd done. The next day I did 20 min elliptical and 10 recumbant bike.

Btw, do you have thoughts on why riding a recumbant bike would make the bottom of my feet burn? Ray says it might be my shoes--not cushioned enough.

And, finally, get this. . . Ray suggested Hubby & I come a 3rd day a week--for half the rate we are paying now (under the table). I think he thinks we have potential. Cool beans.


  1. Oh wow, Sandy, what a wonderful guy Ray is. To have you come a third day for a bit less. What motivation! I lost a bit over 77 pounds way back in 1985 and it took me nine months. And I never went back there! So you CAN do it. You will make it, Sandy, I believe you will. Glad you stopped taking Hoodia... (((Hugs))) Jo

  2. Yeah - way cool beans ;)
    Love that saying.
    He see's potential and so do we. I think you are doing a fantastic job.
    And glad you stopped the Hoodia.

  3. Great job on those workouts! WooHoo! It starts off with a little and before you know it, you will be training Ray!


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