Friday, January 15, 2010

Update #2: Perfect 10 Challenge

Week #2 for My Goals for the First 10 Weeks of 2010

I'm following Steve's Perfect 10 Challenge, which is a 10 week challenge to make progress on 10 goals. The guidelines include updating every Friday on how you're doing. Here are my goals and my status.
  1. Plan out my weekly menu in advance and preferably use it to grocery shop (weekly menu comes from new Eating Well Diet cookbook or site, SparkPeople, Weight Watchers, or other healthy meals); meals should equal ~1500 calories a day
    • How I did: Success in the planning. . . not so much in the following! I did figure out a menu over the weekend and shopped by it. But all the meals didn't map out as expected. . . keep reading!
  2. Use one weekend day (or an weekday evening night) to cook ahead--soups for lunches, veggies for the week, and perhaps 1 dinner entree.
    • How I did: Success! I made a Moroccan veggie soup with lean beef, rutabega (not turnips) & other veggies and had it for lunch 3 days. I also made a rainbow salad and had it for lunch as a side all week over either mixed greens or spinach.
  3.  Plan 2 nights a week where dinner is easy--like hummus & veggies, a vegggie burger or other quick sandwich
    • How I did: I need to work on this one. I didn't plan properly to match my timing and didn't freeze the right size portions to make cooking easy for one night.  When I tried to punt, I didn't really calculate the calories in advance so now I'm feeling antsy about weighing tomorrow. Next week, I'll list meals that fit my time and either prep ahead of time or calculate how much I can have (crackers, hummus, peanut butter, etc.) so I feel confident and in control. Also, on Weds. took an employee to dinner impromptu.
  4. Pack my lunches most days and eat the lunch I packed.
    • How I did: 80% Success! Packed every day. I had one day for lunch that I didn't eat the soup I brought because I took an employee to lunch to discuss something since we were so busy (I ordered chicken kabobs and roasted veggies).
  5. Get up 4-6 days a week with Hubby to swim at the gym, and keep increasing the intensity each week.
    • How I did: Modifying this one a bit. . . .We got up and swam on Monday and we swam this morning. We also swam on Sun., but not in the AM. On Sat AM., Tues. evening, and Thursday AM, we met with our trainer, Ray--and we did our workout and cardio, but didn't swim. Hubby & I are considering that cardio may be better for us in the AMs, so we are considering swimming only 1 weekend AM and doing cardio 3 days and swimming on the weekends. I think this is a super duper successful modification of this goal!!! I continue to AMAZE myself!
  6. Learn the breast stroke.
    • How I did: Keeping it up! On the days we've been in the pool, I used the noodle to hold onto for at least 1/2 laps to practice the kick and then I do 2 1/2 laps practicing kick and arms together.
  7. Work out with Hubby & trainer two times a week
    • How I did: FANTASTIC! See above.
  8. Ride the recumbant bike at least 2x a week and increase time at least every two weeks
    • How I did: I started this on Sun. as I planned with 10 minutes. And I rode it again Tuesday night and this morning. This goal could shift as our trainer suggests the elliptical for me . . .and I'm guessing that it would also get me in shape for regular biking--any thoughts or advice on that??
  9. Start going to church with Hubby and actively look for friends
    • How I did: Didn't go to church on Sunday. . . talked ourselves out of it since we are out of town this Sun. and have company next Sun. Have been talking to people at the gym. . . any suggestions on how to turn chats at the gym into friendships without scaring people??
  10. Make a point to be aware of and challenge negative thinking
    • How I did: Am struggling a bit with anxiety about weighing tomorrow because of the 2 nights out eating and the punted dinners. I feel I've done great with incorporating the exercising and even with following a meal plan for the most part, so the positive side of me says, "If you don't lose weight this week, relax, you're figuring it out." And the negative side of me says, "Something happens all the time to pull you off course, that's life. If you keep blowing it everytime your schedule changes you'll never lose weight . . . this is just the 2nd week of your goal. . .you'll never get there. Feel even more nervous since tomorrow we go away for the weekend--more eating away from home. . .
Secret #2 About Me

I work for a health web site and have been a health editor for 20 years. That means I'm squeamish about no topic. I can go from talking about ED & vaginal discharge to pinworms and baby diapers--and all over a meal without queasiness or blush.


  1. Yeah, I'm very proud of you meme.

  2. Pinworms and vag discharge? Remind me never to invite you to a party...

  3. You WILL get there. :D I don't lose my appetite easily either. And I scrolled down and read your last secret too. I am the same way when I keep plants. If its not hardy, I kill it. :S

    I like how you are modifying your goals as you go through them and finding ways to better them or adjust them for yourself. That's why you will succeed!

  4. It looks like a successful week overall. For those goals you didn't hit, I bet you get closer next week. Good work!

  5. Sandy YOU are motivating and so organized. Wow, I love the way you note things down and KEEP to your goals. You are amazing: with your meal plans, your exercise regime and your positive outlook. Don't worry about the weigh-in; it will go well. Look forward to reading all about more successes. Oh, and I LOVE your secret #2. Wow, I always wondered at your excellent turn of phrase and the way you SAY a thing without - well, squeaming. You go girl! I'm behind you! (((Hugs))) Jo

  6. Heart ewe! I don't think we've ever discussed pinworms over lunch, but I'd be right there with you if it was relevant...

  7. Great site you have here. I came across your site from another site. I have a blog myself which I hope will be a top resource for those looking to find the motivation to lose weight.

    I'd like to exchange links with you to help spread some traffic around between each other. Please let me know if this is possible under our "Best Weight Loss Websites" page. Until then, keep up the good work!


  8. My trainer has made me love the Elliptical trainer, I used to be scared of it. Next machine to conquer is the stepping machine, it scares me half to death and my HR is up before I even press start.

    I dont like the recumbent bike, never felt comfortable on it


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