Monday, January 4, 2010

Following the Crowd & Feeling OK About It

Who cares if it's trendy and shallow and gimicky to get caught up in New Year's resolutions? Sometimes you just need something to help you bring to the forefront the things that matter to you. . .to see past the everyday fog that keeps you from seeing all the pretty options on the horizon.

I don't care if I'm with a crowd of other hopefuls crowding the parking lot at the gym or blogging about my goals or packing my lunch or trying new recipes. The best thing that could happen is for me to latch on to one or more of them and have my enthusiasm and commitment grow. I need all the friends I can get (a few within 30 miles or so please. . .).

So successes of the day--we did it! We got up; we swam. Not exactly as early as I'd liked (I was a bit late for work but everyone was in post holiday grog so no biggy), but who cares? By the time we were in the car, I already felt like a winner. "So far, so good," I said to Hubby.

And I had a good food day. He said yuck to my lunch of greens & brown rice & black eyed peas, and I wish I'd brought pepper vinegar, but it wasn't bad. AND while I at my desk, I read and commented on a few blogs.

Yay, me. Keeping the focus. . .

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  1. You're keeping the focus and rocking this thing!
    I'm thrilled for you my friend!!

    My best always


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