Monday, July 6, 2009

Day 3: Patting My Back Instead of Beating Myself Up

Kn*ck Kn*ck
Who's there?
Dwight who?
Dwight way to wose weight
is the eat wess and
exewcise more.
from Jack Sh*t, Getting Fit's post
Inspirational Song
Peaceful Easy Feeling
The Eagles
The inspirations of the day are about keeping perspective. Jack Sh*t gives us all a laugh every day, reminding us to not take ourselves and our weight loss journeys too seriously. We can't get enough of him. His followers grow like gangbusters. . . he's untouchable with his daily creativity. And he's kind hearted, too. Wow.
These were the good things about my day:
  • I got up very close to when the alarm went off
  • I put on makeup. . .maybe for the first time this year???
  • I blew my hair dry instead of letting it dry naturally which makes it look limp.
  • I made coffee at home instead of stopping at Starbucks.
  • I removed my gym back from the trunk of the car where it's lived quite a while and carried it to my desk area. I didn't use it but it's a start.
  • I walked up the 2 escalators and I walked up the stairs at work twice. I decided it's OK if people witness my heavy breathing.
  • We had lunch ordered in at work and I ordered a veggie burger with a side of fruit. It was a bit challenging to calculate the calories for (the bun seemed huge), but I feel pretty good about it.
  • Monday is sushi night so we ate sushi for dinner.
  • I stayed within my calorie maximum for the day and continue to find the Spark People calorie tracker easy to use on the Web and my phone.
  • I laughed hard at my colleague first thing this AM and made a few people smile throughout the day.

These were the less good things about the day:

  • I didn't walk this morning.
  • I didn't walk at work.
  • I didn't walk on the treadmill watching the Closer like I'd hoped.

Here's the bottom line:

I'm peaceful about the things I didn't do--thus the inspirational song choice for today. I was in a meeting from 10 to 2. I stayed at work until 8. During the Closer, I did the dishes, played a few minutes with the puppy, and wrote a blog. I did move a bit more today and I am taking small steps (the gym bag move is significant). I'm doing great with the food and attitude. It's going to be OK. I just need to keep perspective, stay relaxed, and remember to laugh (thanks for those, Jack!)


  1. Your blog is like one of the coolest places to go to. I love it every time. The good things/not so good things are a great idea. Mind if I borrow the format once? That is, if I can keep up with all the things during the day!

  2. Very very nice. You're doing this my friend!

    I'm very proud of you and it's a wonderful thing to be able to follow your success!

    Thank you

  3. all that you DID far, far outweighs what you "didnt do"

    and the feeling peaceful? far more important and trumps it all.

    here's to another good day today.

    for us both.

  4. I'm glad you're patting yourself on the back instead of feeling guilty about what you're not doing. If you get down on yourself, it's hard to make any meaningful progress.

    But here's the thing: you've also got to push yourself. Take yourself out of your comfort zone and make your body do what you want it to do.

    You don't have to run five miles today, but you do need to move and keep moving, and then move and keep moving some more tomorrow. It's all interconnected... diet, exercise, mind, soul.

    I may have a future on the inspiration knock-knock joke circuit. ;)

  5. Glad to have found your blog and look forward to reading about your journey. Looks like you've got things well in hand.

  6. WELL DONE!! I've been away from my computer for a few days and only commenting now But again I say: WELL DONE. I love following your journey and just love the meticulous way you plan and execute everything. Bless you my friend, you're a pleasure to "watch" via the blog. (((Hugs)))


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