Sunday, July 26, 2009

Day 22: Dancing Before Breakfast

The aim of life is to live
and to live means
to be aware --
- Henry Miller
Inspirational Song
In the Summertime
Mungo Jerry

Vacation Is More than Eating
Hubby and I have really needed a vacation. Tension and busyness and other life issues haven't seemed to leave us since he had prostate cancer surgery in Dec. 2006, and then I lost my job in Feb. 2007, and then I moved to Atlanta ahead of him in July 2007 for a new job (staying with my mother--go ahead read into how loaded of a statement that is. . . good and bad. . . you won't be wrong) until we moved into our house at the end of Sept. 2007.

Then my dad had quintuple bypass in March 2008, and I broke my wrist in May 2008, and my cousin found out he had testicular cancer that summer, and he had a major stroke, leaving him unable to speak and my aunt & uncle were in a terrible multi-roll over car accident on their way to visit my dad over Labor Day--and my aunt was killed. And my cousin had his second stroke. . . undoing any progress he made and leading to loss of his radio career.

Then on the good side. . .I think. . . we got a puppy in Jan of this year. You can also correctly read into the joys and frustrations of that one. . .

So anyway, it's been hard to connect and relax and appreciate life and each other, from what seems like started with the surgery and all the fears and changes and anxieties you would think a cancer diagnosis would bring.

But this morning, I came to the computer at my friend's house where we are staying (without her) and I said I couldn't figure out how to get the sound to come on from her computer speakers. . . and I couldn't hear my inspirational songs from my site. Oh well. . .

And in the connecting room, where hubby was working on his blog. . .I hear music start up, and the volume being slowly increased. . . and it was San Francisco--my inspirational song from yesterday.

So I stood up, sashayed to the kitchen table, asked hubby to stand up, and we danced. We danced and twirled and kissed through the whole song.

And it was good.

Eating the Blackberries Before They Are Gone
So I will end this post now to go eat the sweetest--especially for small ones--blackberries I have ever tasted that Hubby pulled from the vine along the fence of this property as I sat here looking for inspirational quotes and writing.

And if I'm lucky, we will kiss with the mingled breath of blackberries before breakfast is over.


  1. Oh man, Sandy;) I started to foot tap to the tune and could picture you and your hubby dancing in the kitchen. I trust you enjoyed the blackberries. Enjoy this well-deserved holiday. Hugs Jo

  2. This post took my breath away ...
    and then gave it back to me ...
    at the pureness of a dance wrapped in love ...
    enjoy the blackberry kisses

    p.s. In The Summertime by Mungo Jerry is THE FIRST record I ever bought in my life for 88 cents when I was a young girl.
    Thanks for taking me back to a very happy time!

  3. No fair, Karen totally stole my "blackberry kisses" line (and she doubled the offense by using it first!).

    Blackberry kisses and a morning dance. That is beautiful, Sandy. Just beautiful.

  4. Beautiful visual. What a special moment.

    I love any fresh berries. We went to a restaurant this past week for my mother in laws birthday and as a surprise they brought us fresh strawberries, blueberries and rasberries. YUM!

  5. That's a sweet story. I wish you many more happy dances!

  6. Karen sent me an email asking if I had read your post today. I am so glad she did! With all of those hardships, you left me with visions of puppies and dancing and kissing and berries. Wow!

  7. Really lovely post. The blackberry kisses and dancing are fabulous!


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