Monday, July 27, 2009

Day 23: The Game of Whip

The Tail of the Whip

My Vacation is not a puckish leader
in a game of crack the whip
Who purposely flings me
Into a pileup of fried foods and
Bloated ice cream cones,
Flailing into vats of pasta and
Barrels of iridescent wines.
My Vacation is guided by an Ariel spirit,
Who leads the game of whip
With a mind set on freedom.
She steers me toward an array of tomatoes,
Sweet warmed blackberries from the bush, and
Salmons filleted and heavy with cedar smoke.
She flings me into ambling walks and
Tunes my ears to hums and laughter.

by Sandy aka 45andaspiring

Inspirational Song
Ocean One


  1. Yes! Absolutely! Why should we fill our faces with glurp because we're on vacation. You've stuck to such an interesting and varied plan, I know you'll stick to it while on holiday. Thanks for an inspiring post. Very clever...

  2. I don't like to brag, but I killed kids in Crack the Whip in elementary school. Killed them.

    Maybe that's why we had to move so often...

  3. Beautiful!

    I wish we were there too!!


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