Sunday, July 5, 2009

Day 2: It's a New Day

I love this losing weight stuff!
Sean Anderson,
blogger of
The Daily Diary of a Winning Loser,
Today's Inspirational Song:
Feeling Good
2 versions one by
Adam Lambert &
the other Nina Simone


OK. I just got focused so the inspirational quote doesn't apply to me yet. . . but isn't it inspirational? I think it's so wonderful for it's simplicity--and it only took me about 7 minutes to re-discover it on his site. Everybody says they hate to diet. . . but the self persecution of living an obese life is worse. Thanks, Sean, for your amazingly positive life.

This was a harder day emotionally. I can't believe it's already almost 6:00. I'm making it through pretty well. Very well food wise. . .so so moving wise. But it feels like a throw away day.

I got up to a grumpy husband. This is a bad thing for me as I'm easily swayed by his moods. Ummm. . .especially if I have something to do with causing the bad mood. . .Bad moods make it harder for me to stay targeted. And I was delaying eating a bit for fear my bad mood (oh, it was supposed to be hubby's bad mood, wasn't it? How did that happen?) would lead me to make poor choices. . . It turned out great. I mixed lemon yogurt with a small peach and a few blueberries and some Kashi Lean Crunch and then even waited around for for 15 minutes to let it get a little soggy. This shows tremendous restraint for me, people. Ahh. . .thank you.. . . now I hear the roar of your congratulations.

Was sitting around after breakfast and feeling sorry for myself and starting to get sleepy. . . a bad Sunday depression response. . . when my dear friend from MA called and chatted about nothingness (as if she was in the room with me) for more than an hour. Good distraction. Didn't strike me until later that I could have been using my new head set to stroll on the treadmill at the same time.. . . next time. . .

So then I got online to start preparing for lunch. . . looked up several things on Panera and made a decision. When we got there, the soups were not as expected, and I chose one that I had not looked at the calories for. It looked creamier than I expected and tasted really good. . . I paused to look it up on my phone. . . it checked out OK. Whew.

Then grocery shopping.. . . I don't have menus set, and we are very bad about throwing away food. .. so I'm thinking about that. . . just struck me. . .I'm going to write a note on the fridge about the fresh fruits and veggies and stuff in there so I don't lose site of them!

Coming home hungry is a bad trigger for me. . . I tend to grab whatever and chow down and I get mean if there isn't anything to eat. . .was trying to figure out what I could have on hand. . . immediately on hand. . . like starving-in-the-store-on-the-way-home on hand. . . I dropped back to an old standard. . .fat free hot dogs. A doc told me once when I got hungry to eat protein. . . I'm trying to eat less meat and not processed things. . . but it seemed better than crackers. 1 hot dog is only 40 calories. Maybe I'll buy little cans of tuna. .. but then I have to keep hubby away from them so they'll be there on my red alert times. My mom used to tell me to drink milk if I was hungry before dinner. . . that would be OK. . .

I know a snack is the best option. . . eat before I get so nutty. . . but when I don't snack, I need a plan. What do you resort to in those stand in front of the fridge. . . pre dinner .. . . stomach growling moments?


We brought home sushi for dinner. And I still have laundry today. And, alas, I also have work to do. I started sorting my closet yesterday, but it is clearly going to be a multi-day project. Last night Hubby & I did walk as I planned, but his leg is hurting tonight so I don't know if he'll be my partner. I should probably call my mom . . . a chance to check out the headset while I stroll.


  1. Sean's story is definitely a great one. He's a testament to the power of daily blogging.

  2. I'm like you where my husband's mood can sway mine. Why is that? Why can't I just let him be grouchy instead of going there with him? Crazy. I must go and read Sean's story.

  3. You're so kind! Thank you for the wonderful compliments.

    You're doing wonderful. Handling "bad mood" days was something I really worried about in the begining. I had convinced myself for so long that I could do this, as long as I was always in a good mood---and never under any kind of stress. When I realized that world doesn't exist for anyone, it was kind of scary. Like, "oh my, I'll never lose weight then." But you know what? I decided that I would lift up my journey so high and protect it from every force that threatened. It became so, that no matter the circumstances, my food and exercise plans were not compromised. Before, if I was in a bad mood, the first thing to break would be my eating habits. Not anymore---because they're protected at all times. They're way too important to give up over a temporary mood or circumstance.

    You're on a road my friend that is going to change your life! And I'm thrilled to be following right along with you.



  4. *raises hand*

    me too on the mood.

    when he's grumpy I start out perkily asking him why..and end up right there with him as well.

    off to read about sean!


  5. Sean's story is a good one. I enjoyed reading it. My husband is usually in a good mood - it's me who sways the family mood, and with 9 of us, that can either be a bad thing or a good thing!

    You are doing great!

  6. Glad you like Adam Lambert! He was my favorite on that show, (and it didn't hurt that I thought he was cute!)

    I used to drink milk when I felt hungry, but since it doesn't agree w/ me as well now, I sometimes just chew gum or drink something else more filling than water, like tea or maybe a diet soda if I have it.


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