Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day 13: When Yogurt Beats a Baby Ruth

The secret of happiness
is not in doing what one likes to do,
but in liking what one has to do.
-James Barrie

Inspirational Song
Mony, Mony
Billy Idol

Learnings from Yesterday

Today before I took a miniature Baby Ruth from the candy jar in the office as I did yesterday (47 calories), I remembered I had blackberry yogurt and fresh blackberries. The good tastes last much longer in more than one way. . .

And hubby and I worked on dinner together. . .and it was nice.


  1. Wow Sandy, I could almost taste the blackberry yoghurt and APPLAUD you for making this amazingly healthy choice. Whose candy jar is it at work? If it's yours, why not give it away? If it's a collegue's, ask him/her to place it out of sight. Just a suggestion. I'm pleased you enjoyed making and eating dinner together with you dh. (((Hugs))) JO

  2. It is amazing how our values change over the course of this journey. I go for "calorie value." Sounds like you go through the same selection process, asking yourself...what's going to give me the most for my calorie dollar? The most flavor? What's going to make me feel the best?

    Wonderful stuff...

  3. I bet you never thought you'd be able to say that! Excellent choice. I one time left a Kit Kat bar in the refrigerator for two months while I was losing all my weight, just to prove to myself that I had control over chocolate!

  4. I prefer yogurt over little candy bars, too. You're right about it lasting longer!!


    (my word verification is "amenhest" - I only mention it because I think it's a silly word)

  5. I find that the problem with the little treats like the minature candy bars isn't the calories or lack of nutrional value... it's just that it stokes my appetite for all the wrong kinds of crap. As long as I stay eating healthy, I don't seem to find myself longing for things I know my body doesn't need.


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