Monday, July 13, 2009

Day 10: Living With My Arms Stretched Out

"Every time you smile at someone,
it is an action of love,
a gift to that person,
a beautiful thing."
Mother Teresa
Viewed on September Mom, My Voice My View

Inspirational Song
Bright as Yellow by
The Innocent Mission
(recommended and introduced to me by my friend TLC)

My Heretical Beliefs

I am not a traditional believer. One of the biggest things I have trouble with is how many people use their religious beliefs to alienate themselves from others. It seems to me that at the core of so many faiths, the message is to connect with others, to love others, to love generously. And that is something I can latch onto.

For me, tapping into "God" is tapping into the best parts of myself. The potentials of my body, my brain, my intellect, my spirit. . . and when I tap into those best parts of myself, it helps me relate to, appreciate, and be compassionate with others. And when I connect deeply with others, we become larger than ourselves and our potential becomes exponential. . . and to me that is god-like power.


  1. Oh my gosh! I could not have stated it better. I used to be religious. Not anymore. To think any one belief is superior to another is so anti- GOD and love. There is only ONE Creator (IMO).

    I too believe in honoring and taking care of self. We honor our creator in doing this.

    It's all about LOVE.

    I love the music.

  2. Wonderfully said. I also believe that the most spiritual of experiences is when we truly connect with another human being and appreciate the total person within. Love in all its forms is the most positive force in this world. Tapping into that love can only help us nurture our soul and boost our spirit. Thank you for this post!

  3. When the potential becomes real and exponential... that is what I would call EXTENDING.... it is love and energy that INCLUDES everyone. God is Love, they say. And Love is Extention!

  4. I really like this. It really isn't about right and wrong (as in THIS IS RIGHT AND IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE IT YOU ARE WRONG)... it is about finding something that works for YOU personally.

    I have enjoyed reading your blog the last week. You are having some huge insights that show major progress that many never reach.

  5. I just had a smiling post myself. It's so true isn't it? and so very EASY to do ... here's one now for you ... :D ... ok here's another one ... :D

    I'm not religious in any sense other than I'm a human and I respect that there is something bigger than myself at work here but I am a part of it and connected and always will be.
    I know I'm "tapping in to God" when I can't stop smiling & everything I notice becomes significant ... signs, people, events, music etc.
    It's one big happyfest when I feel this way.
    When I feel this way I can't help but to want to pass it on to others.
    When I don't I try anyway.
    You made me feel connected by this post.

  6. Sandy, you're so right. What's the use of a faith/religion if it alienates you from others. However, to get the most out of "tapping into God", we need to realise He is almighty and give Him the glory for the my body, intellect, brain, compassion and the ability to love others. Thanks for a though-provoking post. (((Hugs))) Jo

  7. Interesting view and it is making lots of sense.


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