Sunday, September 27, 2009

Day 83: Fair Skies

Acquire inner peace and
a multitude will
find their salvation near you.

Catherine de Hueck Doherty

Inspirational Song
Free Bird
Lynard Skynard

Fair Skies

I love fall. Every fall I start to make big plans to make stuff for Christmas. That's not completely true. When I've been super depressed I have not wanted to make things and I just thought I was growing out of it.

But I think this new antidepressant--Cymbalta--is helping me. I am starting to feel like my old normal self. And it's amazing. There are actually things I want to do with my time. I want to work on photography and editing pictures and put together little books and write and take more painting classes and learn more about art. I want to try once again to play an instrument. . .

If I have a near miss with a car going to work, I don't think whatever who cares? I think, Yikes! be careful! I think I have things to look forward to!

I know that must sound strange to people who've never experienced the despair of depression, and it's a strange feeling, but it's a true feeling. And one I'm glad to not be experiencing.

Anyway, Fall is the time I start thinking about stuff I can make (which I'm usually disappointed in, but doesn't mean it's not fun to do it!) and it's the season of fairs--state fairs, local fairs, art fairs, and craft fairs! I love them all. . . but I'm especially inspired and uplifted by art fairs and craft fairs.

I'm pretty eclectic--I love the arts fairs that sell fine arts and folk art and grandma's art--you know crocheted booties and trains made from lifesavers & caramels.

Artwork Admiration
Here's a creative guy's work for you to check out Joel Pinkerton make the video box big (click on that box within the box on the right side of the video player, to the left of the triangle) so you can see the expressions of these recycled silver sculptures with attitude! I love each one. . .they are so creative and fun!

This one's called Coffee Quail!


  1. I am so thankful you are saying "YIKES" I love the Fall of the best times of year!! love you quote for true!!

  2. i love that coffee quail!!! i would actually have that in my kitchen, totally!!

  3. Love the quail! I'm finding that I have a need to get "artistic" these days. Don't know if it's the season of the year or the season of my life, but I'm looking for outlets as well.

    Have a wonderful week. I'm glad you have things to look forward to. The despair of depression is horrific. BTDT.

  4. I love your love of the arts! I'm very happy that you're feeling like you again...that's so important for this journey we're on together. You're almost to day 100!!! very nice, you must feel incredible my friend!!

    My best always

  5. Oh that coffee quail is sooo cool!


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