Monday, September 7, 2009

Day 64: Friends, Forts, Frisbee, & Lobster Forks

Photo of Fort Foster Pier SS Kennel found on Flickr


"Summer afternoon - summer afternoon;
to me those have always been
the two most beautiful
words in the English language."

- Henry James

Inspirational Song

Summer Wind

Michael Buble

Breakfast With a New Friend

It's been a good two days.

Yesterday we started the day by our first meeting with a fellow blogger--Rene of Not the Rockefellers. Rene was my first non family follower and she follows my, Hubby's, and my stepdaughter's blogs. That alone makes her special to us, but she is also a terrific essayist and budding poet. We had a wonderful, relaxed time trading stories with her and her husband. Blessings on her daughter who had to tolerate the hours with only a napkin for entertainment (trust me, she could do some creative things with that napkin!)

Here are a few of my favorite posts by Rene. Check her out if you haven't already:

Returning Fear's Gift

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Meeting Rene was like reading The Velveteen Rabbit for the first time, discovering that beloved things can become real!

An Afternoon of Forts, Frisbee, & Lobster Forks

Yesterday afternoon, we rode with my stepson's family to some forts in Maine. They were on beautiful coastal settings. In between 2 of them, we stopped to eat and I had lobster. I would have felt deprived if I'd left NE without eating one! I'm quite a pro at sucking all the edible meat from a lobster, and it's surprisingly low in calories. (I don't do the butter dunking.)

Here's the guideline for any lobster novices who happen to be reading.

At the fort, I played frisbee with the kids. Sounds simple, but I was very proud of myself for not being shy about moving around and for being even a bit active. It was fun. They said so too. Today, we did it again several times before and after our afternoon cookout.

It was very sad saying goodbye today. I miss these guys so much. They used to come down and spend the weekends with us about once a month. We hadn't seen them for a year and a half. We can't let that happen again. It is too long. Especially for folks who aren't big phone people!

Before we left, my daughter in law's nephew who's in college played the guitar and sang. One of the songs he did was the Summer Wind. His version was really so much better than the one playing . . . very original. . . but this was the best I could do. I love listening to people sing and play the guitar.

Tonight we stayed in the Back Bay area so it would be easier to get to the airport in the AM. We ate at Legal Seafood. I had the lite clam chowder which I really like--it has potatoes & clams but no cream. And after our big cookout lunch, I wasn't too hungry, so I had a tomato salad--tomatoes, cucumber, and feta with balsamic.

Our room has a view of the Charles River. Today it was filled with sailboats. It's definitely starting to become fall in NE. The weather's been perfect--low 60s in the AM, high only to low 80s or high 70s. Some of the leaves are already starting to turn. And it cracks me up, but folks here are already wearing their sweat shirts! I miss the falls up here, but certainly not winter. And I have to say, there is nothing like a Southern Spring! For me, it makes up for the lobster and perfect falls. . . but not so much for the lumps in my throat saying goodbye to our NH family.


  1. Oh Sandy, what a blessing friends are. Thanks for this lovely post. I'll pop onto Rene's link now. (((Hugs))) Jo

  2. So glad you enjoyed your stay in New England.

    And it was a pleasure meeting the both of you, as well. We really could have talked all day..

    The Velveteen Rabbit? Me? Really?

    Peace -Rene

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. I'm jealous about the lobster!

  4. I went to college in Boston and actually had dorm rooms that overlooked the Charles. I just loved to watch the crew teams practice.

    Boston is probably one of the most beautiful cities to be in.


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