Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day 62: Daily Self Care Step 1: Don’t Screw Up Breakfast


“Well, butter my behind and call me a biscuit.”
– Southern saying

Inspirational Song
Whole Lotta Shaking Going On
Jerry Lee Lewis

Serenditious Calorie Counting
So I admit that I didn’t actually plan to count calories today. I’ve been off track a few weeks and know I need to get on track but you know how it goes. I had the perfect excuse—we’re off work and traveling on a weekend holiday to see stepson #1, his wife, and 2 of our grandkids. That meant breakfast in the airport.

I didn’t select a breakfast that would make it easy to stay on track. I walked up and did a quick glance and ordered what hubby did—a breakfast sandwich, which was a croissant with scrambled egg, sausage, and cheese. My half-hearted attempt at being a good doobie was to leave off the cheese.

But when we sat down and I took a bite, I really did not like the taste of the croissant. I couldn’t believe it. A baked good. A white baked good. A buttery baked good. I got a fork. I tasted the egg. Fine. I got a knife. I tasted the sausage. Fine. I tasted the croissant by itself. Yuck.

I removed the croissant and ate the egg and sausage. Suddenly, even though sausage isn’t the lowest calorie choice (it was really thin, nonSouthern airport sausage. . . akin to the patties you get at Mickey D’s. ), my breakfast seemed countable. I even felt a bit nutritiously self righteous. I wanted to spend the day on track.

Hubby told me I could go back and get what I wanted –I had said when I sat down (after allowing myself 2 minutes to contemplate) that I wished I gotten a fruit cup and some grits. But I said it was OK. And it was. Not in the grumbly, I’ll manage, or I’m already screwed way of being OK. But OK. Like I’ve got this. Like I'm strong enough to make good choices.

Taking In the Nutritious Scenery

As I walked out of the restaurant, I saw that just to the top left of the croissant, et. al. choices, slightly out of view, they had small boxes of cereal. I could have cereal with a banana or fruit cup. I could have had a lot of things that would feel good and be easy and taste good. There are all kinds of offerings in the world availalbe to help me. I just have to give myself a moment to notice them and to choose in a way that is taking care of myself.

This morning’s choice turned out to serendipitously good, and it was eye opening. If you want to have a good day—one where you feel good about self—one where you are taking care of yourself—don’t fuck up breakfast!


  1. It's crazy sometimes, isn't it? When faced with a menu/choice, I'll make almost a panicky decision, when, if I'd just take a little time - maybe ask a question or two, I'd be much happier with the choice. Looks like you lucked out - how often does anyone NOT like a buttery, baked good?

  2. Airport dining is treacherous... sounds like you made the best of it after a shaky start.

    It does take a mindset adjustment to make choosing healthy options a priority. It'll come with time if you stick with it.

    Have fun on your trip.


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