Thursday, September 10, 2009

Day 66: 66 Reasons to Stay Focused


“You’ve got to
win in your mind
before you win in your life.”

- John Addison

Inspirational Song

Getting in the Mood

Brian Setzer Orchestra

Why I Want to Stay Focused

  1. Because I hate having fat wrists
  2. So I can wear my wedding ring with ease
  3. So my necklaces fit
  4. To be able to walk without my fat paunches (outer thighs) burning
  5. So the chair at my salon doesn't squeeze my hips
  6. So I can wear the smock at the salon and the doctor's office (or a man's jacket when I'm cold)
  7. So my shoulders aren't as broad as the chair
  8. So I can sit down on the edge of the pool without having to drop the last 2 feet
  9. So I can fit in a kayak seat and feel confident enough to try it
  10. Because I know that exercising consistently will start to feel good
  11. Because I know the first 15 minutes are the hardest. . .so you have to exercise more than 15 minutes
  12. Because I want to just see if losing weight gets me more respect at work
  13. So I will gladly get my picture taken next to those I love
  14. To see if losing weight makes my shoulder hurt less
  15. To have my boobs stick out more than my gut
  16. To like what I see when I'm sitting in front of a mirror
  17. So I can pull all the clothes I have in storage out
  18. So I can stop feeling ashamed of myself
  19. So I can walk at least as fast as my dog
  20. Because exercising makes me sleep better
  21. Because eating healthier food makes me feel richer and self-righteous
  22. Because I am too smart to keep living in a way that makes me hate myself
  23. Because I deserve to be respected by others
  24. To get rid of seat belt extenders
  25. To have the armrests lie flat in airplanes
  26. To be able to get up and down out of the tub without rolling over like an elephant
  27. To have my current underwear size be my pants size
  28. So going to Tahiti really feels like something I'd enjoy doing
  29. So the size of my upper arms aren't the limiting factor in buying shirts
  30. So I don't need the football player's size blood pressure cuff
  31. So I weigh less than football players
  32. So if they change the insurance plans to penalize fat people I don't have to worry about it
  33. Because it's humiliating to be fat in my job
  34. So I can play on the floor with my dog and grandkids
  35. Because I'd like to have enough endurance to swim some laps
  36. Because it would be amazing to rent bikes on vacation and not notice every small incline
  37. Because consistency makes it all easier
  38. Because I don't want to be left behind Jack & Sean & Irene & Amber like I am some flunky
  39. Because Jo believes in me
  40. To make Hubby proud of me
  41. Because my knees are already bad. . .
  42. Because menopause is coming up and that's when my mom's health numbers went to pot
  43. Because losing weight is not fucking rocket science
  44. To be able to lie in bed and feel a flat stomach and a curve in my waist
  45. To put on socks without pulling my leg up with my hands
  46. To be able to reach the middle of my own back when it itches
  47. So I can have a big party to celebrate my success with old friends
  48. To wow my cute & sweet doctor
  49. So climbing down 23 flights of stairs during a fire drill at work doesn't leave me sore for 2 days
  50. So I can help my mother more when she has pain
  51. So I can take over tasks like carrying out the recycling as Hubby gets older
  52. To get more fit than I was before when I worked with a trainer
  53. Because I have no reason not to stay focused and all the skills I need to be able to do this
  54. So I can move on to other goals in my life
  55. So at New Years I feel TERRIFIC
  56. So on my birthday I have some other thing to wish for
  57. Because I pay for 2, count 'em 2, gym memberships
  58. Because I own a pedometer, treadmill, stability ball, and hot pink sneakers
  59. Because when I'm focused I feel like a winner
  60. To see if there's any hope that my thighs won't always be like be globulous dimpled things
  61. Because if I'm going to fret this much about what I eat and how much I move I should have some payoff
  62. Because it would just be embarrassing to have a heart attack
  63. Because I'm a cool, interesting person who wants to have a future filled with writing fiction and taking & editing pictures, and seeing more art & learning about it
  64. Because I want my positive results and attitude to spur Hubby to also achieve
  65. Because if Hubby and I both achieve we are unstoppable and leave depression behind us
  66. Because it would be amazing to experience a new life.


  1. Sandy, wonderful points - all 66 are positive. Just don't feel ashamed of yourself, You have so much to be proud of. Firstly you want to change and that's a point many people think or talk about and never actually DO. You are "doing" and doing well. Go for it. You are so focussed; something I have to concentrate on being. You go girl. I DO believe you can achieve your goals; every one of them. (((Hugs))) Jo

  2. Because you are beautiful, you matter and you are loved. And anything that you can do to achieve the ability of seeing that in yourself is worth it.

    Peace - Rene

  3. Well done with your resolve here. It is clear that your motivation is to feel better about yourself, and there is no better motivation when it comes to improving your physical self. Good luck.

  4. Because you are amazing already and losing weight would just be the icing on the cake! xoxo


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