Monday, January 12, 2009

This "C" Is Well Above Average

We've made our choice. Little Goldendoodle puppy "C" is coming home with us in a few weeks and her name will be Yeats!
Have you ever seen a more beautiful, first rate little bitch?? :) I am so excited!!

Yeats' Profile about 4.5 weeks to show her "wave"

Puppy Yeats at about 4.5 weeks profile


  1. Thanks Maria! Your love and posts about sweet, pretty Bumblebee have been quite inspiring!!

  2. Who ever thought Hubby would get excited about a dog, but he sure seemed to be on the phone!

    (my favorite word verification yet: dumble)

  3. What an adorable li'l baby! oh and I love the name YEATS! There is nothing better than wet puppy kisses and stinky puppy breath.

    This is my first time to your blog. Loved it and look forward to coming back.
    from someone who is 50..and still


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