Friday, January 2, 2009

If It Weren't So Funny, I'd Cry

One of my best friend's pointed this out to me. Gotta love the irony!It's a T-shirt available on The Onion. If you can't read it from the picture, it says, "I wish somebody would do something about how fat I am" (Ain't it the truth? Who can I turn the responsibility of this over to???) The only problem is. . . . for women, it's only available in small and large!

Here's the marketing text beside the shirt offer:

You're fat. Not heavyset, but F-A-T, fat.
It takes a lot of courage to admit it,
but you have a problem.
Strangers gape in amazement.
Children taunt you behind your back.
People have trouble looking at you when you eat,
and for good reason: you're huge.
But gosh, you don't like being this way.
You hate it as much as we do--maybe more.
What you want to know is,
how come no one is doing anything about it?

Under "fit" it says: "If you are unsure about size, consider ordering the next size larger." But I see they seem to say that on all the T-shirt offers.
If that one doesn't offend you (which I think is the whole point of The Onion, isn't it? To get people to lighten up?), this one might. But I frankly found it more funny.

Its marketing pitch is:
People often ask us when they should
teach the Good News to their house cats.
We have but one answer:
"What are you waiting for?"
Think of the alternative:
your cat mired in darkness
for eternity
because you
put off a 10-minute conversation.

And it's at least available in an EXTRA large.


  1. I LOVE the cats shirt. Too damn funny. I am going to try incorporating that into a conversation. Whaddaya think?

    Peace - Rene

  2. I want that shirt! The first one, that is.

    For the record, when do you turn 46 and change your blog to 45 and Aspiring? new year and all that. Just checking.

  3. I've been mentally wearing the first tee shirt for years! I finally figured out that I had to look inside instead of out in order to change. And it only took me 50 years!

    As to the second tee shirt, I'm of a different religion - I have a dog.

  4. Thanks all! Rene, you have to tell me the response when you drop that in a chat!
    Lynn--will turn 46 end of May. . . plan to just add a "+" after 45--45+ for about 5 years!
    Maria Rose--thanks for sharing my humor and
    Gigi, thanks for making me laugh!


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