Monday, October 12, 2009

Day 98: "Excited Every Moment"

You must begin to think of yourself
as becoming the person you want to be.
David Viscott
Inspirational Song
I Only Have Eyes for You
Ella Fitzgerald

Keeping My Eyes on the Prize

On this morning's Today Show, they showed the story of Kimberly, a woman who recently lost 211 pounds. After saying she'd been overweight her whole life, she also said she had never been a dieter and that this was the first time she had tried to change her food consumption. When Matt Lauer asked her if she'd had setbacks or doubts along the way she said no that she'd been "excited every moment" and "happy through out the whole thing." Once she had her moment of awareness she was anxious to get on with being able to live her life for the first time.

Such focus is inspirational, isn't it? Amazing. She lost 211 pounds in less than 21 months.

Does Thinking It Make It So?
I found something else by Googling about excitement and weight loss. David Bennett says:

Experts tell us that our mind doesn't necessarily know the difference
between what we think is true, and what is true. If we are excited about weight
loss, then we are constantly telling ourselves how we will lose weight and reach
our goal! When this excitement fades, it becomes more difficult to lose weight,
because our mind is no longer able to think as positively as when we started.

As you know, I'm no mystic, but sometimes it does seem like the more I have a weight loss mindset, the more I lose. What do you think?


  1. I truly believe that to be true. Of course, I believe in all of those affirmationy things. I do believe we become what we think. Our thoughts do have power, both for good and negative.

  2. Positive thinking is definitely an asset on a weight loss journey. It won't get the job done for you, but it will help you on your way, especially when things get tough.

    I love that story you shared. That's so amazing.

  3. Great post. That notion of being excited every moment first made me roll my eyes. But thinking about it, it's so true that staying focused and engaged and excited about the weight loss process is vital. When I'm feeling enthusiastic and hopeful, I'm able to stay the course and get through tough days without unnecessary eating than when I start to waffle. Very interesting! Glad you posted this. Love the music component of your blog!

    And by the way, I'm not sure I could handle feelin' totally groovy!

  4. I truly believe this - our mind is a powerful tool.


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