Sunday, October 4, 2009

Day 90: Being Satisfied With the Mundane

“Diligence is a good thing,
but taking things easy is much more restful”
Mark Twain
Inspirational Song
Take It Easy
The Eagles

A No To-Do Weekend

This weekend I didn't create a to-do list and I don't think I "accomplished" any of the normal weekend to-dos, like laundry or grocery shopping. And I admit I did experience some angst about it at times.

But here are some things I did do:

  • Drove 2.5 hours to B'ham and 3.5 hours back (including dropping her back home) with my sister. She only lives 45 minutes away from me but we couldn't remember the last time we had spent time together (she doesn't drive which is a huge impediment.) I was hoarse before we even arrived. It was great. I brought the Smothers Brothers CD for us to listen to because we loved it as kids. . . but we never got quiet enough to need/appreciate it.

  • Sis & I met up with my friend who has 3rd stage ovarian cancer and who is in a clinical trial. She seemed good. Her hair was died a nice dark auburn--much filled out from her chemo from last year. She's feeling much better during this stint and her spirits are amazing.

  • We all went to the Bluff Park Art Show together. And surprise, surprise I didn't buy anything.

  • It was a lovely, lovely sunny day--great for driving and art show going--though hot in the sun.

  • Went to see a movie today with hubby! We used to go to movies every weekend, sometimes twice. But for years now we rarely go. We saw The Invention of Lying. It wasn't riotous (may have been funny with a larger audience), but it was thought provoking and enjoyable.

  • Through out all the ruined veggies and other foods from the fridge and wiped out shelves because something was stinking. . . still had enough fresh ingredients left to do the next 2 things.

  • Tried a recipe from Spark people for a nice fall soup--sweet potato with lentil & curry (160 cal). I've only taste tested it--not bad.

  • Tried another recipe of a zucchini pie (180 cal)--quite good. I think I could eat it for breakfast even! But I'm taking it tomorrow for lunch with some soup.

  • Attempted to brush mats out of the dog's hair. . .

  • Bulleted ListGot my 2nd letter of rejection for my short story, The Winter Mom Sold Don Quixote. . this time from Narrative. . . c'est la vie.

  • While I made the soup, listened to This American Life with Hubby. . . I often go off and do my own thing while he listens and listen to it on my iPod during a commute. . . but it was relaxing to be with him and Yeats (the dog) sat in the kitchen watching me. . . seeming enchanted as I chopped . . .

  • Sitting near Hubby now as he watches Inspector Lewis--something else I like but usually let him do alone. It took some mind clearing on my part to hang here instead of going up to do laundry. . . But there are still clean things to wear and time that can be taken to do a quick iron in the AM if needed because sometimes taking it easy is a healthy thing.


  1. I always like having you near. ILY


  2. Hi Sandy, I've not been good on blogger these last few weeks (I need to go back to North Africa to have "me" time again!) But it was good to see you having a relaxing time with your darling hubby and also visiting with your sister. (((Hugs))) Jo PS I love the sound of your zuchinni pie. Do you share recipes?

  3. My turn to pass it forward - I've listed you in my list of bloggers to receive the "Your Blog is Over the Top" award. Stop by to grab it. :)


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