Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day 101: Pleasingly Pumped


Habit is habit and
not to be flung
out of the window
by any man but
coaxed downstairs
a step at a time.
Mark Twain

Inspirational Song
Life Is a Highway
Rascal Flatts

Appreciating the Little Things

I've been doing pretty well with my food. Bringing my lunches--even when I have to punt like today. This AM I "fried" an egg and heated it up at lunch with a piece of veggie sausage and ate it on one of those Pepperidge Farm Sandwich Thins. I've had a few days where I'm a bit over my 1500 calories (because I lag on the calculations), but I am so much more on track and in charge. And I came home tonight really hungry and ate a 90 calorie bag of baked Doritos instead of just randomly munching on whatever I could grab out of the fridge. It feels good.

Exercise Ponderings
As I am planning my exercise habits. . . getting my arms around likely having to get up earlier. . . argh. . .I'm thinking about climbing a flight of stairs after every time I take a break to pee. . . got to fit it in sometime. . .

First thing to do this weekend. . .get a new battery for my pedometer.

Discipline Before Affection
Yesterday my friend--who's way more dog savvy than I am--told me I needed to get more forceful with our 10 month old goldendoodle, Yeats, and be way way more consistent to keep her off me and to not let her bite at me (it's play, but it's still teeth). And I swear I thought I did sound like I meant it before when I said off and no, but I got down more in her face and concentrated on saying it more like I meant it, and she really is listening! I feel so much more hopeful that I will be able to get her respect instead of being her romping partner. It's really annoying to not be able to walk through the gate (we still gate her off in our family room and kitchen) without her leaping on me or walking while trying to hook my toes in her ring toys! I feel so much more empowered after Christine's little speech! Thanks, Christine!

There is a brisk coolness in the air today. I love fall.

Artwork Admiration
This weekend we go to Kentuck--a folk art fest near Tuscaloosa AL. My friend, Pat, who I saw a few weeks ago with my sister called and said she wanted to see me again while I was nearby because she'd had such fun with my sister and me. And it sounds silly but her wanting to be with me made me feel so normal and healthy and pleasant. We're going to go gallery hopping together. I'm psyched.

I'm hoping at Kentuck I'll be as intrigued by the interesting pieces like these I saw at Atlanta's Folk Fest, by Robin Anne Cooper.

She does sculptures and paintings using what she calls painted canvas collage. My favorites are her dogs.


  1. I know what you mean about the pup thing. Katie still jumps on me when I get home - she just gets so excited and pounces. She is getting too big for that and it hurts. I have been more strict with the "offs" and she listens but not good enough yet. I suspect being out with the BF for the next 10 days she will be a different dog when she comes back and not so much a "mommies" girl. He is tougher on her than I am but she NEVER jumps on him.... that says it all right there.

    10,000 steps a day.....

  2. Those sculptures are amazing. I love the first dog!

  3. yes, you need to be the commander for your puppy. they need and want that. I love fall too! love your site too!!

  4. One thing that has helped me w/ a new puppy - a rolled up newspaper or magazine taped up w/ duct tape (or any tape that's strong.) I don't have to hit the dog hard at all before he starts running from me! lol He knows when I just reach for it that I mean business, and I haven't had to hit him w/ it since! ;) He likes to bite a lot (playfully), too.

  5. Sounds like you’re doing really well with diet and your exercise. Love the idea of climbing a flight of stairs every time you take a pee break. :-)

    I love finding new artists and their unique creations! Love the first dog photo.

  6. I love puppies! We have the best dog ever. (At least I think so!) He's so well trained, but he kinda came that way.


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