Saturday, August 8, 2009

Day 36: Good Weigh-in,Good Dog, Good Family, Good Food


“Maybe happiness is this:
not feeling like
you should be elsewhere,
doing something else,
being someone else. ”
–Part of a quote from a blog set up in Switzerland, one of the “happiest” places to solicit comments about happiness by Eric Weiner, author of The Geography of Bliss.

Inspirational Song
Blue Skies
Ella Fitzgerald

Good Weigh-In

TA-DA I lost 6.2 pounds! That means I dropped the vacation weight gain, plus some. Somehow on my first day back to work after vacation last Tuesday when I was in the bathroom dumping water weight what felt like every hour or more, I had an inkling that it might be a good weigh-in week!

It really has boosted my confidence because I was starting to feel a tad distrustful of my 1500 calorie plan . . .even though I knew in my mind that someone at my current weight should be able to lose on 1500 calories. So . . .whew. . .I can keep on with this meal plan and keep working on adding in more activity.

Good Dog

Puppy Yeats seems like she is getting so much better behaved. Maybe staying with her trainer for a week made the difference or maybe she is just getting older and a bit more settled. But I've felt so proud of her!

Today we took her to the groomer's and one of our granddaughters from NC went with us. Yeats let us put the car restraint on her without difficulty, got right in, laid down, put her head next to our granddaughter "Pete" but didn't put her head "on" her.

And she was so calm and good at the groomer's! She came out all prissied up and just sat down between my legs so I could pet her. We through she grew another head taller while we were away!

Good Family

So maybe you figured out that our NC granddaughters are here for the weekend. They are growing and getting a bit sassy but also getting prettier and more creative and loving too! I guess it all balances out. My heart just brims over with love for them and my lovely, lovely step-daughter (their mom).

I left work a bit early last night to go grocery shopping so I could make us a dinner easy for me to count. We had shrimp & veggie pasta. And they had garlic bread with it (I had half a piece).

Today we had a relaxed day, and I am feeling very content. Hubby & Pete went out to get donuts (I ate my cereal while they were gone), and PERFECT TIMING--my dad called as soon as they sat down to eat them!! Great distraction for me!

Dad & I had a great chat--our first since before vaca. I also talked with my niece to plan a visit with her later in the week and my mom is coming tomorrow to share dinner with the girls before they go home and spend the night with us. Also trying to plan a visit to see the NH grandkids in Sept.
Right now Hubby & his daughter are playing Moonlight Sonata on the piano, the girls are asleep, our son-in-law is resting up watching some TV. Feeling really warm with family. . .

Good Food

Tonight I made us BBQ chicken with a baked sweet potato and some stir fried green beans. I still have not mastered garlic stir fry green beans. . . like you eat in a Chinese restaurant. Mine are always kind of rubbery, overcooked, or singed. . . if you have a good recipe or secret, please share it!

Tomorrow we will grill salmon on a cedar plank, grill corn on the cob, sliced tomatoes, and I will saute spinach with shallots and mushrooms--with chilled watermelon for dessert. Don't you love summertime?


  1. Fantastic post---what wonderful success. Nice loss!! You're so right...1500 is enough to be satisfied and plenty low enough to drop some serious weight with a consistent effort.
    You my friend are rocking this deal!

    You must feel really really great huh? I know you do!!

    Your meals sound so gourmet, I mean---Any more room for company? LOL

    My best always

  2. YAY! Yeah for dropping the vacation weight. And even more importantly, good for you in continuing on and still working your plan.

    You should be proud.

  3. Whoo-hoo Sandy, that's wonderful. I KNEW you would do it. Well done! I love Yeats and her obedience. I'm wondering how to get the choke chain onto Angie (my year-old lab) without it going in her mouth first! Oh your precious granddaughters and their parents sound wonderful too. I have a brilliant bean recipe: see The beans are "to die for" and the pumpkin and corgettes(zucchinis) complement this vegetable very well. This is a diet-friendly recipes; you can use with confidence and your visitors will enjoy them not knowing that they are calorie -reduced foods. Ha! You keep up the good work. Be blessed (((Hugs))) Jo

  4. Just a tad awesome, Sandy. What a wild weigh-in. It's something when the scale plays along, isn't it?

    I've got to navigate my own vacation thrill-ride this week, so I'm doubling down on the exercise before the trip and hoping that I can be halfway sensible on the road.

    You're an inspiration...


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