Sunday, February 1, 2009

Puppy Yeats First Week Home

Our golden doodle puppy Yeats has been home 1 week and 1 day. Here she is coming home in the car.

During that time, she has learned many things. Almost in this order:
  • How to sleep on me
  • Where her food & water dish are
  • How to pick up a ball

  • How to move with a collar & leash on

  • How to play, play, play with her "unstuffed" flat squirrel

  • How to climb the 3 brick steps to the back door
  • Respond to "come on"
  • How to wait before she eats

      • How to climb the stairs to the bedroom
      • She already knew "sit" but she does it more when asked to for discipline no
      • Stop doing something when we clap or say no (mostly)
      • How to wait at the door before she comes in
      • How to fetch the ball (Unlike our last dog who ran as the ball rolled, Yeats waits until the ball stops and then runs. Hubby says that's the retriever in her. She returns it like the kids in Family Circus--picks up the ball in the kitchen by the sink, goes around the island, over the rungs of the chair, around the table, and over to me)
      • How to sleep in the crate at night without crying first (cries when she goes down for naps still)
      • How to bark

      • How to grab her leash and thrash her head and exasperate the crap out of us while doing it
      • How to steal my slippers
      • How to go to the back door and stand or sit on the rug to tell us she needs to go out

      Oh, duh, I left out steal my heart (and even Hubby's)

      Can you tell from her snout how much she's grown??


      1. She is adorable!!! I looove puppies :)

      2. Serioiusly, those are the most adorable pictures. I knew a goldendoodle from puppyhood to adutlhood, and honestly she was one of the nicest dogs I ever knew. I think you have a real treasure there! Congratulations!

      3. Great pictures! I've got puppy love all over again. You don't sound exhausted at all. How do you do it?

      4. hello!!! you won my sepia blooms, please leave me your mailing address and I will send the prints...thanks so much...Beth

      5. She is cute cute cute! :) How fun.

      6. Yeats is beautiful!! Congrats again!


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