Monday, February 23, 2009

Applying Dog Training to Dieting

I've been thinking that a bit about how helpful it might be for me to apply what I'm learning in dog training to dieting.

Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer, says the key to dog training is 1. Exercise 2. Discipline 3. Affection--in that order. Misbehaved dogs often need more exercise. They are bored and restless and have more energy than they know what to do with. Dogs without boundaries don't know what's expected of them. Dogs that only get affection all the time are spoiled and unpleasant for most people to be around.

I'm thinking I should apply these things to my life. Sometimes I think I need more affection and TLC, but it is often my self pity that drives me to the couch and keeps me there. A bit of exercise first and discipline and no treats until I've done something to deserve them would probably make me a more contented person.

The other thing I'm learning in dog training is that you have to let puppy learn to get through feelings of frustration. Our trainer Wendy encouraged us to pick up Yeats and hold her until she struggled and keep holding her til she settled to teach her to live through frustration. Hiding a treat in toy Kong and letting her figure out how to get it out does the same thing.

I imagine if I force myself to live through the moments of frustration instead of feeding them I'd probably learn a lot about myself AND save a few calories!


  1. I love your analogy. My Scooby didn't go out for walkies today because of the wind and cold and he's haunting me everywhere I go. I wish I were that enthusiastic about exercise.

  2. Great posting! I think we could all probably learn a lot from our
    I love your analogy between dog and human...really nice!

  3. I loved your post and comparing dog training to dieting. It's the discipline that's so difficult :)

  4. Jim--Thanks for the hearty laugh! It's better than my morning oatmeal and anything that ranks over food is a very good thing!

    Gigi--Me too!

    ChicGeek--just realized you aren't the chickGREEK, which is what I had been "seeing"! Welcome! Your photo certainly doesn't look very geeky at all! Much more chic"y".

    Mountain Woman--Welcome too! Amen, sista'!

  5. Thanx for that. i have been a cesar fan for a long time and wish he could come to India where I live. we work with many strays. They are intelligent dogs and all they require is some direction to their energy- also love the title of your blog- I relate

  6. Hmm...I'm a huge fan of Cesar's. I'm thinking about your post and if I hid food in containers and could only eat that way, I'd lose weight with all of the struggling to get it. Not a bad idea. ;)


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