Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What I Did Yesterday to Feel Proud

Yesterday I made this delicious sandwich for myself for my lunch (in the am!)--I was trying to mimic the Mediterranean veggie sandwich at Panera, but with fewer calories.

1 oat bran, low carb pita, sliced in half
On half (using the halves like slices of bread, not like a pocket, which I find always crumbles), I spread a thin layer of dill hummus
On top, sliced cucumbers
On top, mild banana pepper rings
On top, slices of red bell pepper
On the other half of the pita, a thin spread of goat cheese
several slices of fresh basil in the cheese and put it on top

Supplemented with Amy's Tuscan Bean soup, which I found needed spicing help

I also went to the gym, and was very proud that I stayed, even after some confusion with my trainer about when/if we were meeting. I'd had this memory recall a few days ago. . . I remember telling my friend no exercise feels good for the first 10 minutes! It always takes a bit longer and some exertion to feel good when you're moving, I think. So I was determined to go at least 20 minutes on the treadmill and move past the ache in my lower back.

Even though we didn't meet, Trainer D came by and instructed me. She encouraged me after my 10 minute warm up to do what we had done the day before, plus some (what else are trainers for?). So the trainer push was to do:
5 minutes with the incline at 1.5
5 minutes with the incline at 2.0
Then 5 minutes back at 1.5
I did this, though I slowed down the speed a bit a minute or so into the 2.0 incline. And then I did a few more minutes before the cool down.

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  1. You know, this is the second blog that I have read about the most perfect sandwiches!

    I shouldn't blog on an empty stomach.;D

    Way to go with your healthy

    Peace - Rene


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