Saturday, September 20, 2008

Exercise Pain Update

My arms, thank goodness, stopped aching (no rain yet either!). And I only have a tiny red dot and sore spot on my foot from dropping that 8 lb. weight on it. AND I met with D yesterday too. In addition to my abs that were already sore, I'm sore basically all around my upper legs.

Here's what we did:
10 minutes on the treadmill
2 sets then a 3rd set with extra weight added
15 leg presses (unsure of the weight--2 large weights on each side of the bar)
15 leg presses plie style (toes turned out)
15 toe presses
2 sets: 12 wall push ups (recommended for the wrist)
2 sets of 20:
crunches on ball
side crunches on ball
2 sets:
5 lbs wrist curls

After the first and second set of leg presses, the arch of my left foot was really hurting--hurt as a I did it too, even though I tried changing the distribution of my weight to my heel versus whole foot. But D had me get up and walk around between 2nd & 3rd set and and stretch it, and I was delighted that it didn't hurt on the 3rd--and I was relieved that it doesn't hurt today! And it's that's why you pay for it--you pay for the trainer push.

And I scheduled 3 sessions for next week. (That's just step 1.)

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