Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Green Bean Salad & Sneaker Vote

Here's a tasty salad I made for my lunch yesterday. I modified the recipe from the back page of June's Real Simple magazine.

Steam green beans
Fry a few slices bacon
remove bacon and excess grease, add sliced shallot and minced garlic with a bit of olive oil
pour shallots and minced garlic on green beans
crumble bacon
add halved grape tomatos
add chopped fresh rosemary and grated pepper


Question for other fat walkers or those with problem feet: What are your favorite brand of sneakers? And do you add arch supports? Do you pronate? My feet hurt where the toes connect to my foot--wiggling my toes hurts. I think it may be from wearing sandals. . . a doctor told me once they don't support your feet as well.


  1. the shoe thing, i wear some nike running shoes, in a size bigger than i normally am and just tie up really tight. i have really wide feet and really high instep (cursed feet) and it supports my archs really well, in fact to the point where when i take them off i feel like i might fall over LOL.

  2. I come to your site for the wise words and booster shot of inspiration... but I stay for the bitchin' music. ;)

  3. Yummy recipe, thanks! I don't have any know how when it comes to running shoes, sorry.

  4. That salad *does* sound delish. YUM. As far as sneaks go I sometimes buy the running shoes. They have much more support. If there is a Road Runner sports or some other fitness specialty shop nearby they will evaluate your stride and determine whether you pronate and how much and give you the perfect shoe for your feet. It definitely helps having a good shoe!

  5. I do have problem feet too and wear heel supports. A good trainer shop should look at the way you walk and be able to suggest the right footwear for you. Try loads. Then try some more.

    I need to buy some new ones and I keep putting it off, lol!

  6. Thanks for the recipe. Sounds delicious.

  7. I don't have foot problems but love Nikes, altho they can be so expensive. Last week I bought some Sancousy (I know I really butchered that) and they are very comfy and forgiving - and were on sale!


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