Thursday, February 18, 2010

Are You De-Evolving From Exercise?

You know how sometimes people say it's going to get worse before it gets better? Well sometimes I think that might be true when it comes to exercise.

Tell me, doesn't this seem like some kind of reverse evolution?

First, there's the nocturnal stirring--arising before sunrise. Followed by the crude AM workout apparel--definitely not the cutting-edge fashion and style of a modern woman--clothes that you normally would never leave the house in--a low-hanging crotch but high on the ankle. . .don't you think flood pants make your arms look longer. . . even chimplike perhaps? And don't forget the unruly bed head that no amount of brushing helps.

Next,  there's the sweat. . . what sophisticated woman creates a bib of sweat ? Not to mention the soaking wet bra and the dampened band around the underwear and leaving wet head marks on each machine she climbs on, swinging her legs over, or under, pulling herself up for the next machine--not unlike swinging from vine to vine.

And the chugging of a bottle of water in 4 desperate gulps. . .

Staring at a clock so intently that a bystander would think you'd never seen such an innovation. . .

Finally, there's the post workout stiffness. After sitting a bit, the muscles and joints cramp up so that standing results in hardly more than a stoop, made more crude by an accompanying gorilla's grunt. . .

The turnaround comes as you take the modern miracle--NSAIDS--and drop your weary body into bed early, to rejuveate . .  .so  the next morning you can arise, stand upright, and start it all again!


  1. Oh Sandy;) you've described me to a T. Everything you say is true but remember it does get better. I had a motivational slogan from my weightloss club which said: The hardest thing about excersise is lacing your tackies (gym shoes/trainers) This changed my attitude completely and I enjoy my morning regime very much now. Here in Khartoum I do four flights steps as many times as possible (they're indoors) and then I go up onto the roof and jog a perimetre my husband marked out for me. I have to do the latter before daybreak and use a torch. It wouldn't be good for a woman to be seen outdoors in jogging shorts and tank top. I love your blog. You motivate me with your wonderful way of writing and your perseverance to live a healthy lifestyle. Bless you my friend. (((Hugs)))

  2. I feel the same way after a workout. I do hope it will get better.

  3. hey thanks for your comment on my blog. When you asked me about endurance while swimming I thought this. I highly recommend adult lessons and or using fins to learn proper kick, more muscle burn more calories etc... nothing beats learning proper technique for endurance though. I grew up swimming year round for 10 years and I still take swim clinics, classes and work with a coach... guidance on technique leaves me free from injury.


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