Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Come 'on, People, Give the Cow a High Five

OK, the bad news is I ate lunch at Chick Fil a and I didn't make healthy choices. (I realized as I started to post this that ugh, it revealed my misstep and would elicit an unplanned confession--perhaps a good thing.)

But the good news is that I'm not so caught up in myself or with my life that I wouldn't take the time to smile at and give the guy in the cow suit a high five.
There was this one guy in there, eating and reading the paper. The guy in the cow suit, strolled slowly over to him, stopped and tilted his head staring at the guy. It was funny and adorable.
Nothing. No response.
Cow tried moving his head the other way.
Cow moved on to other people--waved at one guy, then waved at me with both hands--I waved back with both hands, then he put up his "hoof" for a high five. Why not???
The cow walked back past the guy, did the same little cute thing again--to no avail.
Moved to peek between the door and glass window next to the guy--nothing.
I mean how hard is it to give the guy making a living wearing a cow suit a little TLC? Relax. Life is too short. Give the Cow a High Five!


  1. How cute - hooves up to you...love your music, too!

  2. "Give the cow a high-five" is my new motto.

  3. What a grouch! The cow just wanted a high five! Good for you for making his day!

  4. seriously... give the cow a break and high five him. I have yet to try chik-Fil-A but I heard it's good. Maybe it's for the better we don't have one where I live.

  5. I am a Chik-Fil - A addict.....love the original sammie

    I allow myself a once a month indulgence of a sammie and a sweet tea...but never on a Sunday

    Peace - Rene

  6. I would have hugged the cow! Some people are miserable farts - their loss.

    Mind you, I am expecting a chicken backlash now..

  7. Who could ignore this rockin' cow? Every party needs a pooper I guess. It's great that you gave him a little love. I wonder where he/she stands on ice cream?

  8. The poor guy in that suit. He needs some high fives to get through his day.

  9. ok that is hilarious.
    I spend a LOT of time at the FILA.
    it gets so hot here in the summer and the one near me has a CLEAN playarea inside.
    it took a few months but I finally have my NAH NO THANKS down PAT when they ask if I want "fries with that"

    this is my catchphrase du jour:
    Give the cow a high-five


  10. What a lovely post. Thank goodness you made the cow's day. My husband has a wolf-suit. He has enlivend a few get-toghetthers in it to the delight of the guests. He says it's the HOTTEST thing he's ever worn so his performances are only minutes long. Poor cow - he really deserved a high five. Good on ya.

  11. What a great photo at the end. Where did you find it? Will you e-mail me and let me know?


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