Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fun With Urban Dictionary

In a quest to catch up with blogs of people I follow. . . I found this bit of fun on Chronicles of a country girl. I couldn't resist doing it for myself.

Here are the directions: Answer each question by typing in your answer on You MUST use the first definition!

1. Your Name. Sandy

One of the only people on this earth that truly cares about life. Does not lie to anyone and especially not to herself. She stays true to herself.

Nothing can compare to this person. She is everything.

I realized you can't find love by finding the perfect person, but by seeing the imperfect person perfectly.

Sandy, you are the world to me. I see your eyes everywhere I look. When you left, I stopped smiling.

~~Well after that lovely definition, who wouldn't be inspired to go on?

2. Your age. 45

45 Caliber cartridge. Sometimes used to refer to the firearms that fire such

~~This goes on and on, in my opinion, a very uninteresting
way, but it ends with

If I don't get ya money yo 'gone catch a foty-five!

3. What should you be doing? Preparing dinner for my husband

Horme. The act of preparing a fabulous Greek dinner for a loved

My husband and I were so hot and sweaty after we hormed in the kitchen.

~~So interesting. . .a new word. Is it pronounced "hormed" or 'Hor-mayed," I wonder.

4. Favorite color?Green

yes... it is most definitely referring to the marijuana... and also, upon occasion, any substance with similar uses. too, properly, of course, it is a golfing term, but that’s really not very much fun, now is it?

'yo, where da green at?'

~~My favorite color is the same as Kate's at Chronicle of a
Country woman but there was a new entry since then.

5. Birthplace? Atlanta

A city with lots of rich people in the north end, and lots of ghetto types in
the south end. Also lots of traffic, new economy jobs, and Coca-cola.

Hey, wanna go to Atl for some work? Sure!

Hey, I went south of the train tracks and got a bullet in the ass!
~~Hmmmm. . . I lived on the south side as a teen. . . and now I live northwest. . . and I'm already at #5 and I haven't had any definitions that refer to sex. . . Kate had 4 references to sex by now. . .

6. Month of your birthday? May

may is the month where teachers think that they can control a classroom but really nothing gets done and no one cares about their grades anymore. Usually this happens because summer break is only 30 days away

"hooray i have math..."
"don't worry bro, its may, nothing gets done anymore"

~~ The person who wrote this must live up North. . . school lets out earlier in the South, which is ironic since here schools are more likely to have A/C

7. Last person you texted? Karen

Karen is the perfect woman. She has no flaw. She's funny, sweet, smart as hell, and above all, she is extremely gorgeous. She doesn't let anyone push her around and she has a great personality. She has some awesome goals set and always wins my heart. Has great taste in guys. Don't listen to what the other jack-off put. Everybody loves Karen.

If you were to look up the word "amazing" in the dictionary, there would be a picture of Karen.

~~I agree with all of this. . .too bad she doesn't read my blog! :)

8. One of your nicknames? Katiedee

Katiedee isn't defined yet but these are close:

merryweather. someone who is a total wanker while also somehow managing to be completely likeable

that guy is such a merryweather. I don't know why I like him, but I do.

~~If people knew this word, they might be tempted to call me it. Well, except that when I look up wanker, it's all about masterbation. . . so in a very round about way, I suppose at #8, I finally get a sexual reference.

9. What are you doing this weekend? going to an arts festival

bozart. bad art- a term coined by author and journalist H.L. Mencken in the early 20th century see Mencken in wikipedia from "Sahara of the Bozart" article.
A takeoff of the term Beaux Arts.

2. the backward areas of the south in that
time period.

This arts festival is strictly bozart.

He was born in the bozart, but moved to the Big Apple.

10. Random word: WebMD.

The ultimate internet resource for compulsive hypochondriacs.

My stomach hurts and WebMD says I might have colon cancer. Well, it must be true.

~~A healthy reminder to think before you believe everything you believe on the Web.


  1. Fun! You're right about that the first definition is a good motivator to go on. "Horme" made me laugh! Hope you enjoyed the arts festival.

  2. I'll have to check that out. I'm hoping to horme tomorrow when my husband gets home. ;)


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