Sunday, March 15, 2009

Life Has Its Funny Little Ups and Downs

The title of this post, Life Has Its Funny Little Ups and Downs, is the name of a 1953 song from a movie called I Love Melvin. It has been my favorite song since I was 4 years old. I've never seen the movie. My dad has this really nice set of 45s of all of the songs from the movie. He obviously pointed this song out to me because it was a kid singing and he thought I'd like it. He was right.

For years and years, despite the fact that I knew the song had originally made it's way to me through Dad I thought of this song as my own private discovery. I didn't realize that he really knew it. So I was unbelievably and pleasantly surprised when in college, I realized he not only knew the song, he knew all the words just like I did. And he really liked it--for all the same reasons I did. My dad's a really positive and optimistic guy--by choice. It's a trait I try to model.

I've looked for recordings of the song for a long time. Today, working on some stories, I thought about it again. And, surprise! Found it on Youtube. Dad, this is for you. Sorry I didn't have the foresight and sense to hang on to those original records.

Here's the original trailer.

Here's are a song that obviously didn't strike me as a 4 year old, but that I find delightful now!

Where Did You Learn to Dance

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  1. How nice that you share a love for this song with your father! I'm glad that you found it on YouTube. Thanks for sharing it with us :)


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