Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I Am on the MOVE!

Miracle #1 for today: I dug out my pedometer before work (I don't recall when I wore it last)

Miracle #2: I actually found the extra battery I had for it.

Miracle #3: I remembered how to set it without instructions.

Miracle #4: I put it on.

Miracle #5: I packed my lunch (an Indian Pea & paneer boxed microwaveable dinner, grape tomatoes, a white nectarine, and muscadines for a snack)

Miracle #6: I walked at lunch with a co-worker! It was a beautiful fall day and I discovered this lovely neighborhood around the corner from my office that I didn't even know existed.

Miracle #7: I thought my co-worker walked a bit slow. (Well, at least at first! ;) )

Miracle #8: I left work early to use my free trial at a gym near my house for a water aerobics class.

Miracle #9: I was a few minutes late and still joined the class.

Miracle #10: Even though I didn't get home until 7:20, I made dinner (hubby usually cooks for us, but I've been on a roll the last week or so.) [I stir fried chicken tenders with green beans, sugar snap peas, & some broccoli and we tried delicata squash--really nice].

Miracle #11: For my first day with pedometer, I logged 8,494 steps; 3991 aerobic steps (34 min); 1.74 miles, and burned 361 calories. (Big reality check: when I lived in Boston and took the train to work, I logged about 3400 steps by the time I got to work; this AM driving to work it was about 1/3 of that!)


  1. That is great!! My grandma once said that she was the happiest when she was busy. I always try to remember that when I feel like I have got too much going on.

    Balance is key. Now with a toddler, I feel like I walk a tight rope of keeping my needs, the toddler and husband needs in balance. Usually the gym can end up being the first thing to go out the window, but is key in keeping me sane!

    Remember the great times when "your on the move" and they will keep calling for you to return to that feeling and experience again. That is what Yoga does for me.

    I took two weeks off and need to get back on the horse, I haven't been feeling as energetic.

  2. You're just a walking miracle. Way to go!

  3. We can walk faster next time :-)

  4. wow.

    your day was seriously fraught with miracles!


    Miz who will need a miracle to get the toddler distracted and exercise and is hoping yer post will rub off on her.


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