Thursday, August 28, 2008

Healing Timeline of My Broken Wrist

10:30 PM June 14 Break wrist in 3 places

Healing Timeline
1 HR : Arrive at ER
2 HRs: X-ray
8 HRs: Get splinted and leave hospital
48 HRs: Surgery: receive metal plate & 7 screws
5 Days: Take first real shower (with hubby for help!)
6 Days: Work 1/2 day from home
8 Days: Stop taking all pain pills
10 Days: Get casted
11 Days: First day back in the office
33 Days: Type with both hands
37 Days: Drive
38 Days: Cast removed--replaced with removable splint
40 Days: Start sharing bed with hubby again (you try sleeping with someone else with your left arm elevated on 2 pillows beside you!)
41 Days: Start Hand Therapy
44 Days: Left hand starts to help when washing hair
45 Days: Only have to wear splint for pulling or exercising
51 Days: Can easily open doors again
65 Days: Can make palm flat enough to hold contact lens to cleanse
73 Days: WAIT FOR IT. . . . DRUM ROLL. . .

Can finally hook own bra from the back!!

Took time to pack my lunch this AM, even though I took down 2 frozen pizza slices last night to take. Instead used 2 small whole wheat pitas to make a sandwich--thin spread of sundried tomato spread, fresh basil leaves, roasted zucchini, sliced chicken thigh, roasted red pepper, shredded 3-cheese blend (fontina, Parmesan, & asiago). Heated this in microwave 30 secs before eating, which really helped the dry pita. Also had a small spinach salad with leftover basil dressing from the Italian bread salad and a nectarine (which I ate and enjoyed, unlike yesterday's peach that I threw away because it was so pithy--yuck. You think you would always be able to get good peaches in GA.)

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  1. Like you, I broke my wrist this year. I never thought to make up a time line but following yours, it seems we both healed in about the same time. I'm a teacher so I was able to be back in the classroom, marking papers with the good right hand, just two weeks after surgery.
    It's been 4 months now, and I can ride a bike for 10 km, pile wood, and lift 5 pound weights. Still not up to normal, but coming along.


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