Saturday, February 27, 2010

Week #8 Perfect 10 Challenge

Week #8  for My Goals for the First 10 Weeks of 2010

It's the end of week 6 of Steve's Perfect 10 Challenge, which is a 10 week challenge to make progress on 10 goals.
The Perfect 10 guidelines include updating every Friday on how you're doing.

  1. Plan out my weekly menu in advance and preferably use it to grocery shop (weekly menu comes from new Eating Well Diet cookbook or site, SparkPeople, Weight Watchers, or other healthy meals); meals should equal ~1500 calories a day
    • How I did: SPLAT that's the sound of me hitting bottom on this this weekend. Eating all around was a bad, bad thing. . .
  2. Use one weekend day (or an weekday evening night) to cook ahead--soups for lunches, veggies for the week, and perhaps 1 dinner entree.
    • How I did: SPLAT & SIGH--didn't redeem myself mid week either
  3. Plan 2 nights a week where dinner is easy--like hummus & veggies, a vegggie burger or other quick sandwich
    • How I did: Um. . . did I mention that I didn't plan?
  4. Pack my lunches most days and eat the lunch I packed.
    • How I did: Actually in this area I did Fair. Monday was bad--ate at a conference and not just lunch but 2 snacks that I'd rather not talk about. . . But I brought a Lean Cuisine on Tuesday with a side salad, on Weds. I worked at home and had a grilled ham & cheese; and then on Thurs & Fri I brough leftover Chinese food from an evening of takeout. Normally I would consider that a failure, but in comparison with the rest of the week, considering I contained the amount. . . it was better than some other alternatives.
  5. Get up 4-6 days a week with Hubby to swim at the gym, and keep increasing the intensity each week. [Modified week 2 to be get up to do cardio--but not necessarily swim]
    • How I did: Even this was tough this week. We didn't swim on Tuesday like usual because I had to be at work early, and I felt too busy on Friday AM so we didn't swim them either. However I did swim Friday night. . .
  6. Learn the breast stroke.
    • How I did: Well . . . .I didn't practice the breast stroke. . . but I DID start swimming lessons and got a lot of good feedback on my freestyle stroke (breast stroke to come!)
  7. Work out with Hubby & trainer two times a week
    • How I did: BETTER THAN GOAL! For our 4th week, we did 3 sessions with Trainer Ray: Monday, Thursday, Friday.
  8. Ride the recumbant bike at least 2x a week and increase time at least every two weeks
    • How I did: As I've mentioned before, I've adapted this goal for just regular cario training. This was the worst week we've had all year in terms of fitting in cardio. We didn't stay to do cardio after our training on Monday like usual because I had to be at a conference early. On Tuesday, Hubby went to the gym but I stayed in bed. We did do cardio on Weds. And I did elliptical and some recumbant bike. And I did the elliptical on Friday too.
  9. Start going to church with Hubby and actively look for friends
    • How I did: Same as last week: I had no excuse for not going and Hubby was really upset with me. So help me. . .I WILL set the alarm and get up tomorrow. Hubby needs my presence to help him be confident about talking to others and we need to expand our world.
  10. Make a point to be aware of and challenge negative thinking
    • How I did: This was another tough, tough week. It just seemed to get worse and worse. The bright spot was when I picked up the phone and made the plans for swimming lessons--a huge postive step in the right direction. I also told Hubby on Weds. that I was feeling bad and that helped me get out the dark isolation. And I had a blubbery, but helpful PhD session. The good news is the battery on the scale is dead. . . I highly recommend that after a bad week.
Another Thrilling Secret About Me

I love wildflowers. I love walking in the woods (I'm a path person, though.) and looking for flowers. My favorite are Jack-in-the-Pulpits. I also like seeing spiders (they're fascinating OUTSIDE--I'm not happy about them at all in the house--especially when they are above my head level. . . I don't like the idea of them falling on me!) I also love lily of the valley (and almost any flower that grows in bunches like that) and bleeding hearts. I lean toward the purse-shaped flowers.

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  1. Excellent on the exercising - food - well we all have those weeks that's for sure.
    I love flowers too and have a ton of pictures of them as well. The spiders on the other hand... nah, nope, nadda :) Phobia for me...


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