Monday, November 2, 2009

Mama's Hands Are Never Empty

An ounce of mother is worth a pound of clergy.
~Spanish Proverb
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Dianne Schneider

All She Had

Mom stayed an extra night so she could give me her full day yesterday. You can now see the floor of my closet! Sounds like I'm 8 years old, doesn't it? Who else could I count on to come help me sort a messy closet, but my mother? She also ironed some of my jackets. We were so tired that we ate smoothies for dinner!

I called Mom at the end my work day today to tell her how my lunch of Butternut Squash & Mushroom Risotto was with my side of Broccoli Rabe (good!) and for us to exchange once again to each other our thanks for the weekend.

After dinner I called my sister. My sister doesn't drive. She drove until my niece was born 26 years ago, but she stopped then and hasn't driven since. Every now and then she needs my mom to pick her up from school (she's a teacher's aid). Today was one of those days.

As I was talking to my Sis, she said, "You know mom can't see me without bringing me something." Do I ever know this! "So when I got in the car, do you know what she handed me?"

"What?" I said.

"A baked sweet potato." I started howling.


"She said she looked around and didn't have anything else but a sweet potato, so she baked it for me."

I was still laughing--loudly. "Did you eat it?"

"No, she said it was to add to my dinner."

"I bet she thought you'd eat it right there in the car. You should have eaten it!" I said.

"Only you would think this was funny." She told me. I think it's delightfully funny, guffawing til you cry funny.

And the sweetest thing ever.


  1. Me too! I think it's funny too!!


  2. I do believe she passed that sweet potato on to me! ha ha

  3. It was the sweetest thing!

    It is wonderful you are so close to your Mom.

    On the feedbag aprons, I only have one of the catfish food one. I have one that has Aquatic Feed that I am working on that I had to cut the front bigger because of the lettering.
    I have a small 20 pound Ole Roy dogfood bag but I don't think it will make a apron, but it would make a tote bag.

    I put a buy now button on my blog if you would like any of them.
    I will email you a picture of the Aquatic Feed one if you like, when I finish it.

  4. Your mama sounds incredibly loving. From where I sit, the sweet potato says many things, but it mostly says love. And I'll bet she knew you would both get a good chuckle from it. ~ Yaya

    Yaya's Home

  5. You've got a sweet mother there--it sounds like she has a really big heart.

  6. Now I am checking in on you again. I see it has been a while, and I hope things are going okay!

  7. Smoothie for dinner! Love that. And I loved the sweet potato story. Just dropping by to check in and say hi! And it's good to read an old blogging friend. You're one of the best---you know that?

    My best always

  8. Hi Sandy;) I popped in to see how you are. I trust all's well. Hugs and blessings Jo xxx

  9. haha~ funny!.thank .you for .your ..share.....


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