Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 19: My First Painting


Consult not your fears,
but your hopes and dreams.
Think not about your frustrations,
but about your unfulfilled potential.
Concern yourself not with what you
have tried and failed in,
but with what it is still
possible for you to do.

Pope John XXIII

Inspirational Song
We're Gonna Make It
Taj Mahal

Painting: Remembering My Day with Karen on Wells Beach
This is my first ever painting except for paint by number and water painting--I don't mean water color--I mean those books like coloring books where you paint water over the picture's little dots and it turns color!

I am OK with it. I don't like the clouds (that big blob of darkness at the top and especially the left that looks like a big mistake--those are clouds!), but some parts of it I am quite pleased with.

I'd try it again.

Hubby won't let me show you his because he has higher expectations of himself. But his looks quite different from mine but really good.

Now if you say, "But Sandy this doesn't look at all like the picture below," I'd have to agree. First of all, she switched them up on us a bit and it wasn't quite the same painting as below. And second, hey, she encouraged us to put our own creativity into it.

The scene reminds me of a place in Maine that I spent with friend where the tidal river crossed the beach like this and ran into the ocean. There were no mountains. . .

Ready for Vaca
I am tired and cranky and ready for vacation with too much to do to get ready for it.

Today's Quirky Behavior
Today while I waited for my coffee to brew in the kitchen at work (alone), I did a set of knee raises. Waiting for my next cup, I did a set of squats. I'm starting to be a quirky old lady even when I am not wearing hot pink sneakers with neon yellow laces!

And I think that's OK. . .


  1. I like the picture, and I like the picture of you doing squats while waiting for your coffee to brew! I think I might have to work hard to get that picture out of my head!

  2. You did a brilliant job of it - getting the colours spot on and everything!

    A new hobby maybe?

  3. I LOVE your picture more. It seems so soft and calm. I really like it. And I LOVE the picture of you doing squats and knees up. You are a really organised lady - enjoy planning for your vacatation. It's going to be GOOD. (((Hugs))) Jo

  4. Sorry, but I think the picture you had to paint from was ugly and yours was beautiful. I like the feeling you captured and the softness. Made me wanna go there. The other one made me want to stop taking bad drugs!

  5. I think it's great. I would always watch Bob the painter on PBS and be amazed. Awesome!


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