Sunday, June 7, 2009

Puppy Free Weekend

This weekend Hubby and I are in Charlotte visiting his daughter, her husband, and 2 of our granddaughters. They both have events this weekend.

Yesterday was the 7-year old's second piano recital, which opened with a lovely Mom-daughter duet. The best part was the pride-filled look Momma gave to daughter for the "Ready? OK!" start.

Today is the 3-year old's birthday party. If the weather cooperates it's a pool party (of the blow up 2-feet tall variety). Yesterday she greeted us in the driveway wearing her bathing suit backward with a t-shirt underneath. Why is everything they do so adorable?

This AM Hubby and stepdaughter are at church together. I am having some quiet time, sans puppy Yeats. I have thought about her and hope she is having fun. We left her in the care of our dog trainer who will "board" in her home--that means puppy gets time socializing with 3 other well trained dogs plus attention from someone she knows and loves. Seems well worth the amount over kennel costs it is a day.

I'm not looking forward to getting home after 8 PM and having her get home (likely filthy from playing outside) and trying to figure out how to get laundry done tonight. I wish I had planned better. (OK, so this isn't my most fascinating post of all time. . . sometimes the mundane takes over your brain, no?)

In my time alone this AM, I have perused other blogs. I am finding new inspiration from The Daily Diary of a Winning Loser. Sean used to weigh over 500 lbs and he's lost more than 150 so far. . . plus his whole family is on track with him. It's boosting stuff, people, check him out if you haven't already.

I've also spent a bit of time mapping out other short stories I want to write as part of a collection that I would love to publish as a novel. (This is big, important inspiration for me, that gives me a reason to focus positively on my future. . .it's a depression lifeline that I am pulling up on . . .so it is bigger news that it may appear!!) I have two stories so far and am mapping out others that go in between or before and after them. BTW, in case you were wondering, GlimmerTrain did not have the great insight to accept The Winter Mom Sold Don Quixote. . .so I'll be sending it out again. . . soon.


  1. Enjoy your quiet time. It's in times like those that I find a sense of creativity and peace. It renews me and gives me wings to soar again.

    I'm hoping that you will continue to work on that book. You never know how many people will love the words that you write.

  2. good for you with your writing plan! I can totally relate. Could wallpaper bathroom in rejection letters, but I'm very proud of them. "Keep writing," she said to herself :)

  3. This is no mundane post. I relate so well to your writing. I stay alone most of the year and mutter and chat to myself most of the year! On a serious note: I'm so pleased you got away for the weekend and I love the way your depth of feeling for your children/grandchildren shines through. You are one special lady. Thinking of you as you go home and are welcomed by darling puppy Yeats. (((Hugs))) from South Africa

  4. Everything sounds great at hour house. Hope Yeats had a blast! Your short story collections will be wonderful, I'm sure. Keep writing!

  5. Glad for the good weekend and love the new music or am I just catching on? "Relax" was playing. :)

  6. Good for you for publishing your short stories. I admire you for that and would love to do something like that as well.

  7. Im so so so in to encourage you with the short story to novel.
    I get what youre saying about this being kind of a path to keep depression at bay.

    write away Woman! write away!!

  8. I'm so excited about your book idea - you clearly have the writing chops. I wish you every success and hope you'll keep us posted.

  9. Oh yes, definitely get the novel going. Your writing is incredible...I've said it before - will say it again. Hope you enjoyed your time away.


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