Sunday, June 21, 2009

More Strengths & Threats & the WO's Too

So I'm going back to my SWOT analysis to add a few more weaknesses and threats. .. and what do you know a few more opportunities and strengths too.

Weakness: I have a tendency to get caught up in the plans instead of the actions. I'm big on buying the supplies (new shoes, gear, notebooks, food, whatever) and not so big on actually using it. That includes reading about changing instead of changing. (I just bought 3 new books, and one even says get off your duff as you read this: Move a Little, Lose a Lot.)

Threat: Cake Day. Each month at work, they order a sh*tload of cakes to celebrate the birthdays of the month. In the abstract, I think, "They aren't that good; I can resist those." On the day we get the e-mail and everyone exclaims in glee, I think, "Oh, I need this today!' I took these photos with my phone in April planning to share them with you then and saying I'd skipped it. . . but I went back later in the afternoon, sans camera, con fork. Last Thursday was June's cake day; after it, I coined a new term you can find it in this sentence, "I think I overcaked."

Opportunity: I have the opportunity to use this cute little notebook that my niece gave me for the birthday to track Weight Watchers Points in this week. Sometimes I feel like when I die (when I die fat the sh*tty voice in my head corrects), I'll leave behind 100s of little notebooks and scraps with food diaries on them. . .but still, quieting that unhelpful feeling of futility. . .. I know that tracking the food seems to be the most important step. It gives me a limit and something to work and problem solve within (like I can have the grits or the toast, but not both, so choose). Without tracking I have a tendency to be looser about allowing myself to eat what feels healthy or just doing "OK" and more likely to allow continually steps to the side (like cake day). This little notebook is cute, features my favorite amphibian (a symbol of a second life I've decided) and is small enough to fit in a pocket--a good reminder of what I am set out to accomplish.

Strength: I have an endless supply of creativity to keep tossing at this thing until I get it right.

Inspirating reminders for the week:
  1. My dad has his 2nd knee replacement this past week and was very loopy all week, talking out of this head. It's scary stuff; no surgeery is smooth and easy. I would really like to stop my trek toward knee replacment.
  2. We booked our flight to CA for the end of July to see Hubby's middle son & his wife and our 2-year-old granddaughter; it would be nice to show up in CA at least a few pounds lighter than last year and with a healthy process in course.
  3. "You can't do great for a week then bad for a week, then wonderful for three days and horrible for five. . Consistency is vital to your success. That's why this blog is titled “The Daily Diary of A Winning Loser” at losingweighteveryday dot blogspot dot com. It's not the “Every Now And Then I Do Well Diary of A Sometimes Winning Loser.” Consistency, very big element on this road."--Sean Anderson, The Daily Diary of a Winning Loser Dare I swallow my pride after having this blog for nearly a year and start counting my days. . . start at 1???


  1. I relate so much to what you've shared. I have the same impulse to get the things necessary to get going but not the willpower to do those things.

    Cake day would get me every time. I'm glad that there's no opportunities like that at my job!

    Where at in California will you be heading?

  2. What a wonderful job you're doing in evaluating yourself and getting this all down in writing. You're going to do this!
    I'm excited for your wonderful success!

    By the way, honored that you quoted me! Consistency is the biggest reason for our success in anything!

    My Best always,

    Sean Anderson
    The Daily Diary of A Winning Loser

  3. Thanks for quoting me, too.

    "I think I overcaked." Didn't I say that? No? Well, it sounds like something I would have said if I'd thought of it...

  4. Cake day has to be so tough! That's way too much temptation. The notebook from your niece will be very handy. Sounds like a nice CA trip coming up.

  5. Great post. I especially hear you about the "get caught up in the plans instead of the actions." That really hit home with me.

  6. Hi thanks for this a great tool to help reflect eating habbits.


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