Saturday, May 16, 2009

The New Weight Loss Solution--Mind Meld

So I was reading a recent post by Jack (you have to catch them quick, that guy is a speed writer--he puts up multiple posts a day!) and I don't want to start rumors cause I know everyone knows I've got the wonderful Hubby and all. . . but I think Jack might be sending me private messages. . . ;)

I mean, this message is clearly directed to me and only me, don't you think? How could he know through the blogosphere exactly what needed to be said?

"There’s a bright shiny new day waiting for you and you’re letting it slip away while you lie there beneath your layers and layers of covers, wishing the world would go away. I’ve got news for you, Sunshine: the world’s not going anywhere." Check out the rest.

So that got me to thinking about the perfect weight loss solution--a mind meld with someone who's already succeeded, someone who can give me just a teeny tiny (insert snort of sarcasm here at the gross understatement) jump start in my attitude, plan, and body.

  • A mind meld from someone who already has the right attitude like Jack
  • Or the right exercise plan like MizFit,
  • Or an amazingly healthy diet like Lynn,
  • Or the kickass flat abs of Sandrelle,
  • Or the youthful perception and humor of Tricia.

Oh, hell, as long as I'm dreaming--how about a mind meld with them all?

Could the 5 of you please line up in my family room for a conga line mind meld? I'll provide antibacterial goop so you can stay free of transferable viruses, entertainment with puppy Yeats who has a more square nose and more fluff than puppy dog above, a nice cool drink, big hugs, and eternal gratitude.

If any of the rest ya'll want in on the transference (assuming the fab 5 agree, and how could they turn down a visit with that fluffly bundle below), send your check for $5K to me. I'll put you on the invitation list. Or . . . just send me a few kind words today and ongoing encouragement. I'm easily bribed, I loves me a crowded house, and succumb quickly to signs of affection.

Most recent pic of Yeats from my cell phone:


  1. I like your posts, too. Very clever and inventive. The weight-loss Frankenstein "It's alive... and it's losing weight!" idea is uber-cool.

    Speaking of mind melds, I've already gotten my workout in, so I'm treating myself to a rainy afternoon matinee of Star Trek.

    Eat well and prosper.

  2. THANK YOU for stopping by my place and deciding to follow. I always tell people I know time is finite and if you've decided to spend some of yours with me? I'm GRATEFUL!

    I'm also WITH YOU on this weight loss journey thing. Mind you I think I'm in a state of perpetually packing my BAGS. I went to the gym last night and I've been writing down what I eat for two days so, maybe I'm at least gazing at the handle on the front door! lol

    It is so hard but being SO HARD doesn't make it need to be done any less. So, you were a great encouragement today with your own struggle and I look forward to hearing about how you're doing.

    Blessings to you!

  3. First of all, I wish I could give Yeats a big old hug. So cute! A mind meld sounds like a good idea. It would be great to get an automatic "jump start" from someone who knows all those kind of answers! Love the Spock photo!

  4. love the post. and the dog? I thought for a moment it was stuffed. Very Cute!

  5. Yeats is adorable! Is he your workout encourager? My shih tzu, Sam has to lay right next to me as I'm exercising. I don't think he's encouraging me, I think he's there just in case I strain or sprain something! LOL

    Good to know that you have it.

    xo xo,


  7. cute dog,,,, i like it. nice weight loss post. nice..keep posting


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