Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Laughing Vicariously

So clearly, I've been down in the dumps a bit lately and haven't had much sense of humor. Still, lucky for me, I've stumbled on an a abundance of humor on other sites--a few of which are new to me.

Please allow me to share the laughs.

#1 If the Truth Be Told Headlines
Cammy of the Tippy Toe Diet, rants and rambles about magazine headlines and then suggests a few ideas of her own. Here's her intro along with some of my favorites:

Clearly, most of these headlines are geared toward women who have very little weight to lose and most are focused on physical appearance. Just once I'd love to see magazine headlines the kind that reflect the realities of those of us for whom weight loss can't be summed up so easily:

5 Seldom Used but Effective Profanities to Toss at People Who Stare or Shout Insults at You While You're Exercising

Quit Reading This Magazine and Move!Move!Move!

Check it out.

#2 Parodying Poe

Jack Sh*t is clever, Baby, I tell you. I loves me a clever man. (Don't worry, Hubby, I still choose you--the cleverist of them all!)

I'd like to copy Jack's whole poem here so I have it forever. . . but I don't want to plagiarize. . .

so here's the first stanza to get you intrigued. . . you must read it all:

The Raven-ous
By Jack Sh*t at Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit (

Once upon a morning fleeting,
I was pondering what I was eating,
Logging in my early meal's caloric score.

I was finally able to finagle,
how many carbs were in that bagel,
When suddenly there came a rapping,
rapping on my kitchen door.

"'Tis my wife," I softly muttered.
"Returning from the grocery store.
Only this, and nothing more."

I put down my bread (unbuttered), "Honey, is that you?" I uttered. . .
Check it out!

#3 Too Fat to Exercise

Are you ready to laugh? Then go meet & check out Tricia at Fight Fat Phobia. Her recent post: I would walk 500 miles . . . but someone has to count! is a riot!!

Her challenge?--finding a cheap exercise device that will accommodate her 250+ lb frame! Her post reminds me of this T-shirt offer. Here's one of my favorite bits:

I went [to Wal-mart] because I wanted to get one of those aerobic step thingies. Like, the little step thing, you know? I had this grand plan that I could set it up on the kitchen floor and every time I go into the kitchen, I'd make myself do 10 or 20 step-ups on it. Those would add up since the kitchen is my favorite place to be lately. And since I hate stairs so much, one of two things would happen: a) I would start to not hate stairs so much or b) I would just stop going to the kitchen. Win/win
Check out the rest!

And I've found that funny bloggers, also often have funny commenters. . .

Here's part of what what Kristine said to Cammy:

PS I'm currently 378 and I use the STEP at the gym just fine. No one rushes up and yells NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO you're toooooooooooooo bbbbiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig. Nor does it bow or bend as I get on and off :)

This makes me giggle every time I read it! Totally annoyed Hubby as he was trying to watch Lebron James! And everyone knows you have to have complete silence and NO LAUGHING to focus on basketball!

Hubby, this is for you:


  1. Thanks loads for the shout-out. I may have my moments, but Tricia is always sh*t-your-pants hilarious. Some of her comments stay with me the whole live-long day.

    This is a tough trek we're all taking. If you don't have a laugh or two along the way, it just makes the journey that much longer.

  2. How are you feeling now?
    Im so sorry youre in a dumpssadplace---we have all been there.

    let me know if theres any way I can help.


  3. Thanks for this chance to chuckle this morning! I enjoyed it!

  4. Hi again, I left you an award on my blog today!


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