Thursday, April 23, 2009

How's This?


by 45andaspiring

Those on the ground might think
that the bars were curved
by the body she shared
with her mother and her grandmother.

But she knew the bars were
stretched and bowed from her son’s
pulling up to climb in.

And besides she needed the air.

© by 45andaspiring at


  1. I love that!!! It sooo fits that picture.

    I haven't come by in awhile... been crazy 'round here... but I was thinking of you and hoping you're well. I'll be back :)

  2. Liked the poem a lot. Liked the way the lines were also bowed. The image of body that she shared with her mother and grandmother is really strong and conveys strength as well as resignation. The last line conveys both too. Nicely done

  3. Really great!! The last line says so much.

  4. Brilliant. Yep. That is all.

  5. Any minute now it will curve outward completely, boy or not!

  6. Beautiful really! Just goes to show you how truly misunderstood we can be... ;)


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