Saturday, April 4, 2009

Rutabagers and Poetry

This has been the best Saturday I've had in too long of a while. My stepdaughter B and her family are here from Charlotte visiting for the weekend. Her family includes two of our lovely granddaughters. They are 7 and 2 1/2.

Car Seat Buckler Hero
Today was the first time I ever took the 2 1/2 year old anywhere by myself. I was going to the store and trying to coax her older sister to go along when she jumped up and said, "I want to go!" I had a little trouble with the car seat and ended up stopping a woman in the grocery store parking lot, "Excuse me, do you have children?" to help me and I thanked her so profusely over and over that I think she was tickled or thought I was a bit nuts.

Alias Names & Personas
It's funny to me to see our granddaughters in a public situation. Little Lulu sat completely quietly while this stranger worked on her car seat. She said nothing.

Older sister Pete was also mute when she accompanied us to the vet this morning with Yeats. Who are these silent little girls? The house is so boisterously filled with them. . . it's like only the shells of their little bodies are there in front of strangers.

Of Reticence & Retching
Pete was a good sport. Her mama told me not to tell her that Yeats had a tendency to throw up in the car until it was too late for her to change her mind about going along with us. So sweet little Pete, so like her mama who never asks the nosy questions. .. we leave the driveway and I say, "Pete, will you please put your towel over your lap?" And she asked which way to put it, and I say, "Whichever way covers you best."

Down the road we go. . .petting the dog . . . chatting. .. looking at flowering trees and flowers. . . . 'Meme?"


"Why do we have towels on our laps?" It cracks me up again to write it, but still, I felt like such a sneak.

Yeats made it all the way home and into the driveway before she puked all over my towel, which I'd already removed from my lap to undo my seat belt!

Then B & I got to spend some nice time together going to Hobby Lobby where I picked out some nice silk flowers to make a spring wreath for my door. It feels like ages since I've done something so simple just to be pleasing to our environment and just an outing to entertain myself. We had a nice chat too.

Rutabagers & Poetry
Last weekend was lost to a stomach virus. But the weekend before we had friends from Boston come visit. They wanted Southern food, so one of the places we took them was to Bobby & June's in midtown Atlanta.
It's the kind of place where Bobby greets you in the vestibule and where the waitresses wear uniforms. The decor includes wasps nests hanging in the corners and yokes with mirrors in the centers, and there's a handwritten list of the vegetables available for the day. With our friends, the list included "rutabagers." The ladies bathroom has a little partition wall between 2 toilets, but the first one is visible from the door and the door doesn't lock. Not the kind of place you find much in midtown. A treat.

April Is National Poetry Month
So, a poem came to me and I wrote it down in honor of April being National Poetry Month and to poke at Mommy's Nintendo at the Itsy Bitsy Monkey because I scold her for never commenting on my site! :)
Unbridled Stress
My work drags me
like a runaway horse
Face down across a cobbled path of
almond M&Ms, Sugar Babies,
Raisinets, and Jelly Bellies.
Whoa, Whoa, Whoa
by 45andAspiring
copyright 45andaspiring at


  1. Great poem! Love the Yeats story. Your granddaughters sound cute. My kids act like good, quiet little soldiers in public. At home, it's quite a different story:)

  2. Sounds like it was a great weekend - altho grandma's sneaky towel trick in the car seems to have backfired. Kids and dogs - it just doesn't get any better than that.

  3. Except for Yeats' puking, sounds like a great weekend! I can't figure out those d'mned car seats either. It's been 22 years since I've had to use one and now with g-baby (soon to be two of them), I'm learning you have to be a quantum physicists to figure out how to use them!

    "Rutabagers" are one of my favorite winter veggies, especially in soup. I'm craving them...

  4. In honor of National Poetry Month...

    "Guitar Player"

    I don't know his walk.
    I don't know his smile.
    But I do know his eyes.
    Oh, those blue eyes.

    I would see him in a crowd
    of millions.
    Piercing through them
    with pools of cerulean.
    I might die today if I catch a glance of those lovely blue eyes.
    Yes, I think I might.

  5. Wonderful poem...Glad you had a good weekend. I am glad I came across your blog..

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