Monday, January 19, 2009

A Few Good Things: What I Did Today to Feel Proud

Tonight I made a vegetarian dinner out of my Moosewood Cookbook. It was Spinach Polenta Pie with a tomato wine sauce on it. Hubby doesn't like polenta and I usually do, but this was kind of bland tasting until we put the tomato sauce on it and kind of mixed it all together. The tomato sauce was really good--had fennel seed in it, which we really liked even though it called for ground fennel. I ended up really liking it, and will likely eat it twice for lunches this week. It was very satisfying. Hubby said he'd prefer the spinach & mushrooms over pasta. Still I was proud of myself for making dinner and not ordering out and for making something good for us! I did pretty good all week cooking and picking healthy lunches.

Today I moved around the furniture in our TV room to be able to fit the treadmill in there. I set up a little gym in there with the stability ball and weights too. I got a bit of aerobic and strength training moving the sofa bed by myself and that treadmill--it was no small feat through 2 doorways. I plan to walk when I watch The Biggest Loser. But my bigger hope, which I obviously don't feel too committed to yet because I don't believe I'll do it, is to get up in the AM and walk and do some strength training on the stability ball while I watch The Today Show. Usually I lounge around in bed waiting for Hubby to spoil me with a cup of coffee. There's a lot of time between waking and coffee that I could be revving my day with some moves. Think how proud I'll feel then. . .!

This weekend we also got a crate and a few things to get ready for our new puppy Yeats (we're supposed to bring her home between the 24th and the 31st--at least 7 weeks).

And Hubby helped me do an edit of the story I'm working on The Winter Mom Sold Don Quixote. He was mostly encouraging and not too brutal with the edits, so I still feel encouraged about it.

Oh, and today I pulled out my first level piano book to re-learn my left hand. I started taking lessons when we lived in B'ham, which is now almost 8 years ago; jesus, how can it possibly be that long ago. . .Anyhow I took a few months of lessons there and then in Boston for a little while. But I never play anything anymore. So today I had fun going back over the beginner's books. And I realized I didn't beat myself about that at all. I just said to myself, 'Oh, I don't remember the bass cleft very well; I'll get out the book to do re-learn.' And while I was playing, I was thinking, 'This is fun. And it's going to come back soon. I'll have to do this again." Then I thought what a great re-learning, go back to basics, matter of fact attitude to carry with me through with exercise. I just have to get back to the basics--mostly on scheduling myself--which I have the tools to do. And keep moving along.

A few of my friends from work went to the inauguration. I'm looking forward to hearing their stories about how it went. I gave them some tips on layering up for the cold based on my years in Boston. Around here they think it's cold when it's anything under 50!


  1. Good job on getting the area ready for the workout. I walk on my treadmill when I watch TV also to help keep me less focused on what I am doing. Sometimes I make it the whole hour. I started going either faster or up a hill during the comericals to add a bit to the workout--just a thought.

    Good Luck with the pup. I have never heard of bringing a pup home so early, but I have Bassett Hounds and maybe it is different from bread to bread. Ours came home at 11 weeks and they were still a handful.

  2. Oh, housetraining a puppy in the winter! Aren't you glad you don't still live in Boston?! I'll never make that mistake again.

    Good luck with your treadmill workout. I love the idea of using it during "Biggest Loser".


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