Monday, December 1, 2008

Feeling Thankful

I am feeling particularly cheerful today, so I thought I would share. I think a lot of it is afterglow after spending Thanksgiving and the weekend with our two adorable granddaughters. They are 6 and 2 and were just so much fun this visit! I don't even mind the touch of a sore throat and sniffle I have--probably from their "vewy, vewy bad coughs"--because the snuggling was so good & worth a few passing of the germs.

Plus, for lunch, I am eating leftover turkey Mexican casserole that their mother (my lovely stepdaughter) made! Yummy!

And the good thing about PMS is that on those weeks your weight goes up (last week I stayed the same weight on the scale), it usually comes down after. So this week, even though I was NOT especially diligent over the holiday--I showed a 1 lb. loss! YIPPEE! Nothing is as great as skipping the post-holiday-I-hate-myself-for-eating syndrome! It's very inspiring!

(I did do a few diligent things--like eating only half a sandwich at the Atlanta aquarium and spending a whopping $4.25 for a cup of fruit to go with it to make sure I would. . . it's very unlike me (but probably very much like MizFit) to leave half of anything on my plate!)

I have passed my goal of doing all the stair climbing to pull down the Christmas decorations. I did passably well. Perhaps not as energetic, with as many times up and down as I had hoped for, but enough to make my calves sore and to feel like I at least helped my son-in-law. (We won't ask him if he felt the same way.)

And! My house is almost completely decorated for Christmas. This is no small challenge with all the stuff I have! I've been POOPED the last 2 days getting it all up.

I am feeling especially grateful for the memories I will keep of my sweet , sweet granddaughters who helped me. Their distractions to stop and play with the Christmas village and interrogate--err I mean interview--(complete with pad & pencil to mark the responses) of the various stuffed Santas was as much of a help to me (maybe more!) than their literal help of hanging ornaments or making decisions about what to put where.

Oh, and there was also playing with the Peanuts figurines from my little skating pond by putting them in the red dress-up gloves I have that were way too big for little one's hands, but oh such a cute fit for the feet! (Think chicken "toes!")

Work beckons. . .


  1. UH OH
    you are now officially and expensive eater like I am.

    it's pricey---but worth it :)

  2. I'm so glad you had a good time with your family. Grandchildren are so much fun!

    Healthy eating can be expensive! I've reached the point where I'm eating a little less food, so I'm spending less money on food, and eating out a lot less!

    Take care and stay well.


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