Thursday, October 9, 2008

This Is Cognitive Therapy--That Will Be 5 Cents

Before I went to FL with Mom, I talked a bit with the PhD about how my mom pushes food. When Mom and I traveled together just a few weeks ago, she commented every time I ate. She'd offer me food, and if I didn't take it, she'd ask me 3 times more if I'm sure I don't want it. If I was eating, she'd ask me if I was sure I want to be doing that. So PhD told me to not make a big deal out of it but just to tell her that I was feeling like I was in a good place and that I wanted her to trust me to make my own good decisions for myself about eating.

Wow! That was kind of daunting. It made me realize that I wasn't sure "I" trusted myself to make good decisions! And it really put it back on me, didn't it? That's a good mantra though. An empowering one. Trust Yourself to make the healthy decision for yourself.

I saw PhD today, and she said she wanted me to spend time thinking about how I sabotage myself. Interesting. More chances for me to own it. I will be thinking on this.

With this in mind, we also touched on what PhD calls "thinking errors." These are automatic thoughts that tend to lead you to down the drain thinking. Here are a few examples that I especially identified with (hubby says the whole list applies to me. . .boo hiss. . hubby):

Mental Filter (also called selective abstraction)
You pay undue attention to one negative detail instead of seeing the whole picture.
Example: "Because I got one low rating on my evaluation (which also contained several high ratings) it means I'm doing a lousy job."

You believe others are behaving negatively because of you, without considering more plausible explanations for their behavior.
Example: "The repairman was rude to me because I did something wrong."

Emotional Reasoning
You think something must be true because you "feel" (actually believe) it so strongly, ignoring or discounting
evidence to the contrary.
Example: "I know I do a lot of things okay at work, but I still feel like a failure."

The idea is to keep a Dysfunctional Thought Record. That is when you notice that you start to feel bad, you take a moment to write down what was happening when you did, what emotions you feel, and the automatic thoughts you were having. Then you use a series of questions to help you think more rationally through your feelings.

Could be interesting. . . I'll let you know how it goes. Do you have any special way of shooing away negative thoughts?

(Right before we went over the thinking errors, PhD came over to sit on the couch next to me and said, "This is cognitive therapy." For some reason, I found that direct statement quite comical.


Despite feeling challenged that I had been away for the weekend and hadn't grocery shopped or planned meals, I packed my lunch! I made a bean & cheese burrito from leftover Fatfree refried beans with salsa in them in our last tortilla and a sliced a little REAL (full fat that is) cheddar cheese on it. But the thing that made me look forward to eating lunch was the tomato I sliced and put balsamic on. I will be sorry when tomato season is over--and that time is on the near horizon. I also had a bit of avocado and a clementine.

Before I ate my lunch though, I ate a snack of yogurt with cantaloupe before I went to the gym. It felt great to finally get back in there with Trainer D. Was starting to feel anxious about it. Am scheduled to go in tomorrow too, and got on her calendar for next week.

See my
exercise log for today's workout.


  1. I'm sure Hubby was just being supportive with a little humor.

    It's interesting to focus on owning what are. I need to think about that more for my own situation.

  2. Thanks for commenting!
    I can try zooming in on the pictures, but they tend to get blurry. urbanvegan's site has amazing pics. Try looking her up too!
    The rice might actually be red beans and rice, or dirty rice. I couldnt remember which so I just made it up that I used Black Beans and Rice haha

    As far as the italian dressing, I just used it to cook the onions and mushrooms along with the soy sauce and hot sauce, so therefore, it was hot. I cook with italian dressing alot. I think it makes a great marinade as well. I used to cook chicken in it in a skillet when I ate meat and it makes the chicken taste like its been marinated for a few hours. So it does the same for other food. Little more interesting than cooking with plain ol oil sometimes.

  3. I like that you are taking such a close look at yourself. I find that to be very inspirational. I think we tend to hide from ourselves all the time. Good for you!


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