Wednesday, October 1, 2008

That Magic Switch in My Brain

I've briefly mentioned this magic before--the way it feels like something magic happened to turn your commitment "on." Where suddenly it's easier to make the right food choices and exercise because you really just want to. And as much as I like this feeling--the one I've had for the last few days, I don't want to keep feeling like getting to this place is due to magic. In fact, it's that fear of it disappearing that's made me not write about it yet.

But it's amazing how much better I feel. I think part of it is just DOING instead of FRETTING. I think the little bit of walking helps me sleep better. I feel more upbeat. I'm actively trying to see how to fit in more exercise. I looked up a gym close to our house to check on water aerobics. (It's step 1.) I feel leaner through my sides. Hubby often tells me after just a day or two of exercise that he sees a difference in my stature and posture.

So here it is. . . the examples of the magic and how my switch is turned to "on."


  • Trainer D tells me to take the stairs more at home--and I do. (I'm sure she's told me this before.) I'm mindfully thinking about taking the stairs at LEAST 2 more times a day. Admittedly, I often just come down once in the AM and go back up once in the PM. My right knee pinches when I climb, so I concentrate on clinching the muscles in my buttocks (a Boston trainer's tip) and pushing up through my whole foot.
  • After Friday's funeral, I was coming home hungry and bereft. I thought about stopping to get Fried Chicken, but then (I just noticed I initial capped that food as if it's an entity!) I thought of the chat I had with my Dr. boss about nutrition, and he said, "It's not like you're eating KFC all the time. . . " which made me feel a bit exposed like he'd seen through me! (Yikes!). So I kept driving, until I got almost home. Then I stopped at a Thai restaurant and had stir-fried shrimp & vegetables--didn't even eat all the rice! I was very proud about this choice!
  • For the past 2 evenings I've walked IN THE DARK with hubby. And we've walked near our house, which I don't really like because it's hilly. A few weeks ago we walked this same strip and I was so fatigued that I scared myself by how often I had to stop to catch my breath. I've still been breathless, but I trudge up in the 3 zones of incline. From behind the first night as I zigzagged up the hill (it makes it easier, really. . . ), hubby said, "Boy, D has made a difference with you!"
  • Also for the past 2 evenings, I've cooked dinner for us because Hubby is super busy. The first night was a big, delicious success. Last night so-so. Night #1 I made portabello Pizzas from the Biggest Loser book. You take the big portabello caps and cover them with sauce (I used leftover sauce Hubby had made with zucchini & summer squash in it) and crumble a bit of Turkey Italian sausage over it. (I used 1 between us--4 PTs.) Then sprinkle a bit of low-fat or FF mozzarella & Parmesan over that. Bake at 350 for 10 minutes it says, but I did 20 and still turned it up to 425 at the end to get the mushrooms softer. I served this with my own stacked veggie lasagna. I boiled 3 lasagna noodles, then cut them in half. On one half I spread a very thin layer of goat cheese, then added 2 or 3 sliced kalamata olives and some sliced fresh basil. Topped with another half, which I covered in spinach sauteed with a little bit of olive oil & some pine nuts; covered with the last 1/2 of noodle, which I covered with the last of the sauce. Looked pretty and was yummy. Last night I stir fried haddock in ginger & garlic with yellow peppers and added shrimp at the end. The shrimp was good. The haddock didn't soak up the flavor well and it was a bit dry in parts. (It was frozen fish because the ATL gas shortage kept as from Whole Foods last weekend.) I served it with this quinoa mix I bought (first quinoa for me), but it had too much liquid. And I cooked asparagus, but I made the mistake (and I KNEW not to do this) of adding lemon to it before cooking, and that never tastes right. If you want lemon you have to add it after it cooks!


  1. The portabella pizza was delicious. And the stacked lasagna was one of the best tasting pretty foods I've had in a long time.

  2. That's funny - I made a veggie lasagna this week too. Only instead of noodles, I use grilled eggplant and polenta slices...yum!

  3. I know exactly what you are talking about with the magic.

    Sometimes you are just in the zone and everything is hunky dory. But, other times, ugghh..even George Clooney couldn't get you out of bed!

    Keep your eyes on the prize!

    Peace - Rene


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