Thursday, September 18, 2008

Working Through the Pain. . . Literally

Remember that pain I said I had learned that you sometimes have to work through. . . ? Well, IT'S HERE. . .

Before I even opened my eyes this AM, both my forearm sand my hands were aching. Not muscle soreness like "hey, I can tell I worked out yesterday. . . " (I have a bit of that in my abs). No this is like that more intense, ongoing pain like you get in joints before it's going to rain. Before I even was totally awake, I was saying. "Honey, can you bring me 3 ibuprofen?"

And now, I'm at my desk. . . and the aches are back.. . now also in my shoulder. . .

I think this is just my arms' way of saying. . . hey you're using us again!

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